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Brockport, New York: A Narrative of That Place (and the Place of this Narrative), Jonathan Mark Smith

Effect of phoneme awareness training on kindergarten and first-grade children's invented spelling, Darlene Marie Tangel

Family, community, culture and welfare capitalism among Italian women in Endicott, Diane Catherine Vecchio

Tracking algorithms for maneuvering and non-maneuvering targets, Tai-ching Wang

Analysis and design of fast algorithms related to Toeplitz linear systems, Yunbiao Wang

Measuring state and local government fiscal capacity: A new, comprehensive approach, Dana Robin Weist

The effects of a prefreshman summer bridge program on student persistence into the sophomore year, Barbara Ann Yonai


Military doctrine and the organization culture of the United States Army, Thomas Knight Adams

Process design using optimal control methodology, Omer Akgiray

Decentralized Bayesian hypothesis testing with feedback, Samawal Al-hakeem

Judicialization and judicial policy-making of public sector labor-management relations law under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's public sector collective bargaining statutes, Curtis Roosevelt Berry

In the dance classroom: Perceptions of dance competence, Janice Marian Bibik

School administrators' perceptions of the issues that influence decisions regarding education and/or child care programs for 4-year-olds in central New York, Gloria Quadrini Birmingham

Retention of baccalaureate nursing students, Carole Fournier Cashion

Eutropius' "Compendium of Roman History": Introduction, translation, and notes, Daniel Nathan Erickson

Facilitating coping and self-efficacy in first-semester college students through psychoeducation, Deborah Lynne Familant

Measuring Antonovsky's "Sense of Coherence" construct: A psychometric study, Arthur William Frenz Jr.

Taiwan and the geopolitics of Sino-American relations, 1972-1988, Jen-Kun Fu

'Ideology', 'meaning', and 'myth': Marx, Weber, and Durkheim on the three dimensions of sacred symbolism and their uses in society, Jacek Ganowicz

A qualitative study of computer-mediated nursing care plans from the perspective of the staff nurse, Barbara Lee Harris

Lecturer's perceptions of the conditions that facilitate the adoption and implementation of an instructional innovation introduced through a training program in higher education in Indonesia, Anung Haryono

Application of the matrix pencil approach to direction finding, Braham Himed

Organic chemistry of reduced species of sulfur dioxide, Michael Dennis Hoey

The band-pass matrix pencil method for parameter estimation of exponentially damped/undamped sinusoidal signals in noise, Fengduo Hu

Factors affecting student effort within a higher education credit system, Prasetya Irawan

Teachers as professionals: An exploration of teachers' perceptions of professionalization, Sandra Schoeneck Kessler

Pennsylvania's municipal labor market before and after the enactment of the Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act: An empirical study, Daniel Paul Mahoney

Street vending in provincial Peru: A geographical analysis of an informal economic activity, Maureen Hays Mitchell

Modernity and imperialism: A critique of literary modernism, Rajeswari Mohan

Carbon monoxide adsorption and oxidation on ultrathin copper covered epitaxial palladium(111) surfaces, Baybers Oral

Academic secretaries: Perspectives of how they influence and are influenced by a university environment as they seek job satisfaction, Minnie Leonard Osteyee

Cardiac care: An assessment of delivery modalities--issues and potential, Naomi Engel Penney

The computation of far-field antenna patterns from near-field measurements using an equivalent current approach, Sailaja Ponnapalli

Multivariate and path analysis in magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Mark William Roggenbuck

The Adirondack guide (1820-1919): Hewing out an American occupation, Richard Patrick Roth

"You have to tough it out": Experiences of registered nurses while obtaining the baccalaureate degree in nursing through an external degree program, Carol Ann Rusin

El problema del marco en los relatos de Julio Cortazar: Una exploracion a traves de las fronteras semioticas del texto, Jose Hector Sanjines

Sedimentary record of Devonian-Mississippian carbonate and black shale systems, southernmost Canadian Rockies and adjacent Montana: Facies and processes, Lauret Edith Savoy

Social support, coping, and preoperative emotional adaptation among school-age children anticipating elective tonsillectomy, Maureen Lowery Thompson

Students' views on learning proof in high school geometry: An analytic-inductive approach, Patricia Price Tinto

Curing chemistry-network property-chemorheology relations in bismaleimide resins, Aroon Vishwanath Tungar

A cost effectiveness evaluation of an instructional program for back injury prevention among nursing personnel, Penelope Joan Venning Klein

A case study of teachers' reactions to their school district's effective schools project, Sandra Lee Woolley


Special education development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1958 to 1987, Fatma Salem Al-Kheraigi

The mask, the masklike, and the faceless in modern European art, Sandra Carol Chai

Race, housing prices, and the dynamics of Chicago's housing market, 1975-1979, Daniel Nels Chambers

Hemispheric differences in visual detection as a function of skill, Stephanie M. Clancy

Leibniz on causality and time: An essay in reductive metaphysics, Jan Arthur Cover

Evaluation of factors affecting the cost of public services with an application for fire protection, William David Duncombe

The organizational impact of profit-sharing, Gary Walter Florkowski

The German military mission in Nanking, 1928-1938: A bridge connecting China and Germany, Pao-Jen Fu

Making related service decisions for students with severe handicaps in public schools: Roles, criteria, and authority, Michael Francis Giangreco

A qualitative study about perceptions of lifestyle and life satisfaction among older adults, Norbert James Henry

An immersion curriculum for language and culture: Spanish Discovery 1492-1992, Paul Joseph Hoff

Longitudinal typanometry and pneumatic otoscopy in healthy newborn infants, Lenore Ann Holte

Deposition of zinc oxide thin film using a low-pressure ion-bombardment sputtering technique, Saliman Isa

The Theoretical Orientations of English as a Second Language Teachers: The Relationship Between Beliefs and Practices, Karen E. Johnson

Young stutterers' speech behaviors during conversations with their mothers, Ellen Mary Kelly

The validity of the Deterrents to Participation Scale- General: Factor replicability, predictive power, and effect of social desirability, Thomas Frederic Kowalik

Liberalism and the administrative state: The phenomenology of governmental legitimation in everyday life, Robert Sacha Kravchuk

The phenomenology of relationships between typical and disabled people, Zana Marie Lutfiyya

The social and ritual supremacy of the first-born: Paiwan kinship and chieftainship, Kazuko Matsuzawa

Electromagnetic coupling between two nonintersecting, orthogonal, and infinitely long microstrip lines parallel to a ground plane, Stilianos Papatheodorou

Part~I. The total synthesis of 18-deoxynargenicin A(1). Part~II. Studies toward the synthesis of the pseudomonic acids, Daniel John Plata

The influence of direct funding, indirect funding, and institutional design policies on industrial research and development, Dianne Rahm

A PC-controlled, ultrafast scanning electrochemical detector for high-performance liquid chromatography, Derek Frank Rhodes

A topology of concepts unifying design and media terminology in a computerized graphic context, Judson George Rosebush III

A historical geography of central New York: Patterns and processes of colonization on the New Military Tract, 1782-1820, Richard Huot Schein

Advances in vibrational optical activity, Kevin Martin Spencer

A study of the nurse as health educator in the modification of health promotion behaviors of hospitalized patients, Jane Bolling Throckmorton Guiles

Critical geopolitics: The social construction of space and place in the practice of statecraft, Gerard Toal

Selected characteristics and career patterns of district superintendents (1949-1982), James Bruce Torrance

Studies on gas solution and transport mechanisms in glassy polymers, Shaojun Zhou


High pressure adsorption of pure gases on activated carbon: Analysis of adsorption isotherms by application of potential theory and determination of heats and entropies of adsorption, Rajiv Krishan Agarwal

An analysis of the diagnostic ability of graduating baccalaureate nursing students using computer clinical simulations, Margaret Stephanski Argentine

Phoneme segmentation training in kindergarten: Effect on reading readiness skills, Eileen Wynne Ball

Some poststimulatory effects in the acoustic stapedius reflex: Monotic and dichotic stimulation, Anthony T. Cacace

The late Victorian era and the flowering of four literary types: A study in the sociology of literature, Sarah Ann Coleman

Fourier series on Vilenkin groups, David Herman Dezern

Abandoned to their fate: A history of social policy and practice toward severely retarded people in America, 1820-1920, Philip Mark Ferguson

The long-term effects of exposure to family violence: Anxiety, depression, and aggression in a college population, Barbara Forsstrom-Cohen

On techniques for estimating parameters of exponentially damped/undamped sinusoids in noise, Yingbo Hua

Interaction of sulfur-dioxide with 1-benzyl-1,4-dihydronicotinamide and reactions of Rongalite with organic halides, William Francis Jarvis

The effects of schema-related information on attributions of leadership, George Albert Kraus

Peter of Blois, writer and reformer, Michael Markowski

Children's perceptions of reading, Pamela Ann Michel

Illusion and art: An analysis and critique of E. H. Gombrich's "Art and Illusion", James William Mock

Sermons, systems, and strategies: The geographic strategies of the Methodist Episcopal Church in its expansion into New York State, 1788-1810, Michael George Nickerson

The impact of federal court decisions on the policies and administration of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Rosemary O'Leary

A needs assessment and faculty development plan for new faculty in physical therapy, Michael Anthony Pagliarulo

Alopex: A stochastic parallel optimization algorithm, Abhijit Sudhir Pandya

A mathematics of arrays, Lenore Marie Restifo Mullin

Strong laws of large numbers for certain sequences and arrays of dependent random variables, Eric Forrest Rieders

The relationships among self-directed learning readiness, self-care agency, and health status in adults four to eight months after myocardial infarction, Ann Luzzetta Ziegler Sedore

Effects of mutual coupling on the direction-finding performance of a linear array in a multiple-source environment using the method of moments, Derhua Shau

A qualitative study of intuitive processes as constructed by psychics, mediums, and therapists, with possible application to family therapy, Paddy Sue Wall Gough Welles

An analysis of marital support and coping with work-related stress, Gerard Wildner


An empirical investigation of time series properties of quarterly cash flows and usefulness of earnings in predicting cash flows, Celal Aksu

Creating bases of women's solidarity: A study of the grassroots credit groups of the Working Women's Forum in India, Nandini Azad

Employee lateness: Identifying correlates of lateness by applying the Steers and Rhodes Process Model of Attendance, James Jackson Bardsley