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Experimental and theoretical characterization of ferroelectric bismuth titanate, Bi(4)Ti(3)O(12), thin films, Masud Eypakchi Azimi

Radiation characteristics of cavity-backed aperture antennas, Carole Michel Azur

Sovereignty evolved: An analysis of the evolution of international relations from "territorial concerns" to "economic interests" in the twentieth century United States-Canada trade relationship, Nancy Elizabeth Bell

Teaching phonological awareness to children with language impairments, Julie Beth Blumsack

External integration of information in the development of selected core high technologies: A comparison in the United States and Japan, Paula Elaine Bobrowski


Los intertextos en el "Dialogo intitulado el Capon" y el discurso del engano, Maria Gloria Boulin-Tenaglia

Participation and dynamics in the programs of a nongovernmental organization in a Bangladesh village, Michael Barry Bowler

The effects of hypermedia on the comprehension of science text among sixth-grade students, Geraldine A. Brophy

Adolescent mothers and their infants: A home-based crisis prevention effort, Holly Elisabeth Brophy

Identification and molecular characterization of a type-A histone acetyltransferase from Tetrahymena thermophila, James Edward Brownell

Regularity of A-harmonic forms, Leonard Robert Budney

Extra-textual, intra-textual, and neo-baroque constructions of violent space in three women writers from the southern cone, Gail A. Bulman

Message reduction rules (MR(2)): A reduction methodology for message-based multimedia systems, Seyit H. Kubilay Cardakli

Sculpted tombs of the professors of the University of Padua, c. 1358-c. 1557, Jill Emilee Carrington

Distributed flow control protocols for ATM networks, Pei-Liang Chang

A dataflow-based software integration model in parallel and distributed computing and applications, Gang Cheng

Nonequilibrium dynamics of driven elastic manifolds in random media, Lee-Wen Chen

Hydrologic regionalization for the estimation of streamflows at ungaged sites based on time series analysis and multivariate statistical analysis, Shih-Min Chiang

Partnering government laboratories with industry: A comparison of the United States and Japan from a government laboratory view, Young-Hoon Choi

An empirical study of college students' grief responses: Death vs. non-death losses, Debra Anne Cohen

Changing women: Stories and journeys of menopause, Francesca Mary Colletti

Locke on essence and identity, Christopher Hughes Conn

A study of possible connections between teachers' professional development and the performance evaluation process, George Luis Hext Contreras

Appraising certain linguistic structures in the receptive sign language competence of deaf children, Elaine Ruth Costello

The dimensions of peer talk among nontraditional preservice education students, Kathleen Marion Daboll-Lavoie

Sex differences in personal space: A meta-analytic review of the sex effect literature, Viviane Louise Daigle

Politics of language revival: National identity and state building in Kazakhstan, Bhavna Dave

African-American student's perceptions of their experiences on a predominantly White campus: A qualitative piece of the persistence puzzle, R Deborah Davis

Voices from the margins: The construction of racial and ethnic identity for Cape Verdean-Americans, Lelia Lomba De Andrade

A study in stand up: Roles and behaviors of excellent trainers, Renee V. Downey

Random interactions with disk galaxies, David J. Edelsohn

A typology of states as defined by problems and solutions related to adult undereducation, Michael Erskine Ehringhaus

Intrajurisdictional property tax capitalization rates, Elliot F. Eisenberg

Identification of nonlinear dynamic systems using the Volterra network, Mohammad Farrokhi

Geopolitics in an age of confusion, Anthony Favro

Comparison of complete-case, pairwise available-case, and maximum likelihood missing data methods, Christine Anne Fraser

Evading the Salic law of wit: The female satirist and sentimental community in Sarah Fielding, Sara F. Gadeken

An analysis of linear and non-linear coherent detection in atmospheric noise at very low frequency, John Thomas Gamble

Arson: the ecology of urban unrest in an American city--Newark, New Jersey, a case study in collective violence, Daniel Earl Georges

Relationship between college lifestyles and later life course: A comparison of three cohorts, Jonathan Charles Gibralter

Race and welfare: Racial disparities in treatments and outcomes among VIEW participants, Susan Tinsley Gooden

Alcohol's influence on requisites for HIV-risk reduction, Christopher Michael Gordon

A qualitative study of the meaning of work and workplace experiences among Native Americans in upstate New York, Gary L. Gordon

The European Union and integration theories: The case of Europe's defense industry, Terrence Robert Guay

Fuel, fodder, and forests: Politics of forest use and abuse in Uttarakhand Himalaya, India, Shubhra Gururani

Constructing a holistic voice for teaching: A classroom teacher's journey, Sharon Hafermalz-Morrison

Intention, interpretation, and truth, Raja Fouad Halwani

Fish mongers, markets, and mechanization: Gender and the economic transformation of an Indian fishery, Holly Malissa Hapke

The influence of therapist attractiveness, presenting problem, and client gender on client comfort with disclosing in couple therapy, Steven Michael Harris

Nonparents' and parents' beliefs regarding socioemotional and cognitive development in children, Laurel Claudine Hayden

A content analysis of The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing from 1984 to 1994, Marie Ann Hess

Test mass suspension Q measurement and excess loss diagnosis for gravitational wave interferometers, Yinglei Huang

"Perhaps it is the person first and subject matter second": Social relationships and the construction of cultural and civic curricula in a women's study club, 1885-1985, Jane Mary Hugo

Noncontrollable factors in the performance evaluation of profit center managers under divisionalized organization environment (research on the determinants of interorganizational differences in controllability principle implementation), Kookjae Hwang

Doping of boron carbon alloys and their applications in semiconductor devices, Seong-Don Hwang

Managers' experiences in the technology transfer process: Interpersonal/group behavior and organizational design, Avan Rusi Jassawalla

Data-parallel programming on adaptive and nonuniform computational environments, Maher Kaddoura


Performance analysis using formal methods, Christopher Jon Kappler

The impact of cultural and market distance on international advertising: A content analysis of magazine advertising from United States, Japan and Korea, Yoo-Kyung Kim

Aging gracefully in the eighteenth century: A study of elderly women in Old Regime Toulouse, Sherri L. Klassen

Traffic shaping and bandwidth allocation algorithms for VBR traffic, Taccettin Koprulu

Generalized quantifiers and measure theory, Charles William Kurtz

Dynamically reconfigurable FPGA-based multiprocessing and fault tolerance, Kevin A. Kwiat

Regionalization in Northeast Asia: Conceptions of economic cooperation and the Tumen River Area Development Programme (TRADP), Jongchul Lee

Human resource management and high-performance management: A case study, comparing the internal "reinvention" efforts of the United States Office of Personnel Management and the Korean Ministry of Government Administration, Sun-Woo Lee

An analysis of the role of moral orientation in the resolution of dilemmas of public school principals, Mark Steven Lewis

Image/video compression based on bracket classified coding and optimal joint coordinate motion estimation, Chih-Feng Lin

Toward a theory of discourse based on the socio-discursive nature of knowledge: a synthesis of sophistic Nomos and Gricean cooperation (Paul Grice), Kenneth John Lindblom

Feed-forward neural networks: Learning algorithms, statistical properties, and applications, Yachen Lin

University system and campus life: Prerequisites for student movements in contemporary China, Xinyong Liu

Ethnic market operations and organizational changes: An open-system model analysis of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York approaching Asian-Americans, Fu Long

Workplace violence in human services agencies: A comparative study of local county government departments of social services in New York State, Dorothy K. Marge

Analyzing Regge calculus as a tool in numerical relativity, Mark Allen Miller

A uniform property for finite sets of points in projective space, Lakshmi Modalli

Demand management: A demonstration of the comparison of price and due date negotiation strategies using simulation, Douglas Rome Moodie

Self-perceived deterrents to participation in continuing nursing education among practicing registered nurses, Joan Carol Murphy

The perceived impacts of information technologies on budget tasks in county governments: Focusing on budget managers' perception and budget tasks' environments, Seung-Hwan Myeong

Effectiveness of pattern noting on college students' written responses to essay examinations in introductory philosophy, Diana Buttolph Norcross

Resistance and memory - rupture and mending: The vision and challenge of Jewish feminist theology, Susan Elizabeth Nowak

Predicting men's perceptions of date rape using the heuristic-systematic model, Suzanne Lynn Osman

Instruction in self-directed learning: Its impact on corporate MBA students' attitudes toward learning and development, Thomas Douglas Wyatt Phelan

The effects of writing to learn mathematics on conceptual understanding and procedural ability in introductory college calculus, Mary Kathleen Porter

Sexual satisfaction and the coorientation of preferred sexual practices in couples, Daniel M. Purnine

Beliefs, grounds, and the basing relation, Dana Montford Radcliffe

"A little inconvenience": Perspectives of Bengali families of children with disabilities on inclusion and disability, Shridevi Subba Rao

Numerical and multivariate statistical analysis of hydrogeology and geochemistry in large peatlands, Andrew Stephen Reeve

Bayer & Company in the United States: German dyes, drugs, and cartels in the Progressive Era, Thomas Martin Reimer

Theology, reflexivity, and desire in Aristotle's "Metaphysics" and "Nichomachean Ethics", Alan Jay Richard

A hybrid method to terminate finite element meshes (frequency and time domain analysis), Tanmoy Roy

An analysis of adolescent male and female responses to Kohlberg's moral interview: Using two different editions of the Standard Issue Scoring Manual (1979 vs. 1987), Lynn Gableman Rupp

How educators and students understand inclusion, facilitated communication and other related topics: An observational study, Nina Shaswati Saha

Conventional and non-conventional synthesis of some oxovanadium phosphonate and phosphate clusters, Jose Ramos Salta III

A least squares approach for radar array adaptive nulling, Richard Arthur Schneible

Scalable parallel algorithms for random data accesses and shared-memory simulation, Ravi V. Shankar

Nonlinear model predictive control and modeling of liquid-liquid extraction processes, Wen-Ping Shen

Design of optimization techniques for soft-decision decoding of linear block codes, Ching-Cheng Shih

Study of the S. cerevisiae mitochondrial chaperonin, Hsp60, and the identification and characterization of SCS1/RTS1, a high-copy suppressor of Hsp60(ts), Youmin Shu

Synthesis of polyketide-derived natural products from carbohydrates: Application of the (2,3)-Wittig rearrangement of carbohydrate-derived alpha-alkoxy tertiary allylic ethers to the syntheses of Adda and rapamycin, Ny Sin