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A hybrid method to terminate finite element meshes (frequency and time domain analysis), Tanmoy Roy

An analysis of adolescent male and female responses to Kohlberg's moral interview: Using two different editions of the Standard Issue Scoring Manual (1979 vs. 1987), Lynn Gableman Rupp

How educators and students understand inclusion, facilitated communication and other related topics: An observational study, Nina Shaswati Saha

Conventional and non-conventional synthesis of some oxovanadium phosphonate and phosphate clusters, Jose Ramos Salta III

A least squares approach for radar array adaptive nulling, Richard Arthur Schneible

Scalable parallel algorithms for random data accesses and shared-memory simulation, Ravi V. Shankar

Nonlinear model predictive control and modeling of liquid-liquid extraction processes, Wen-Ping Shen

Design of optimization techniques for soft-decision decoding of linear block codes, Ching-Cheng Shih

Study of the S. cerevisiae mitochondrial chaperonin, Hsp60, and the identification and characterization of SCS1/RTS1, a high-copy suppressor of Hsp60(ts), Youmin Shu

Synthesis of polyketide-derived natural products from carbohydrates: Application of the (2,3)-Wittig rearrangement of carbohydrate-derived alpha-alkoxy tertiary allylic ethers to the syntheses of Adda and rapamycin, Ny Sin

Toward optimal scheduling of jobs on parallel multiprocessor systems, Waleed W. Smari

Divine foreknowledge and necessity, In-Kyu Song

Effects of the issue and Receiver in evaluation of Public Service Advertisements (PSAS): Implications for Public Information Campaigns, Public Relations, and Social Marketing (Advertising), Soonho Song

Envelope cues and audibility: A systematic investigation of compression, Pamela Elizabeth Souza

Historical justification of sovereign right over territorial space of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands: Irredentism and Sino-Japanese relations, Unryu Suganuma

The effects of the manufacturers' suggested list price (MSLP) for a new product on consumers' internal reference and reservation prices, Chan Joo Suh

Correlation between surfactant/micelle structure and the stability of bacteriorhodopsin in solution. Manipulation of the photocycle of bacteriorhodopsin via systematic structural modification of site-specific protein-bound organic cations, Eric Hock Lye Tan

The convergence of antitrust law and First Amendment law in the communication and information industries: Application of "First Amendment geography" to the determination of relevant geographic market in antitrust law, Joel Thierstein

Organizational Politics and Innovation in the Federal Reinvention Laboratories, James Richard Thompson

The effect of presenting a common error with an explanation, Julia Ann Tinklepaugh Biegler

The association of space use and aggressive behavior in nesting male dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia Hamilton-Buchanan), Michael Urbancic Tlusty

Finite element analysis and option pricing, Michael John Tomas III

Fire effects in the grasslands of Yellowstone National Park, Benjamin Franklin Tracy

A journey through numeracy: Correlates of success in initial college mathematics, John Michael Trimboli

Methodologies for information presentation, Wei-Chih Tseng

Locality-conscious load balancing: Connectionist architectural support, Chaitanya Tumuluri

Entrepreneurship and small business: A strategic management front end analysis, Sydney Scott Tyler

The growth empirics of the scope of the production scale, time, and trade: Both cross-country and panel studies, Veysel Ulusoy

The culinary text as constructive strategy in the work of three contemporary writers: Severo Sarduy, Jose Lezama Lima and Alejo Carpentier, Alicia E. Vadillo

Performance assessment of space-range processing against hot clutter, Edward Martin Valovage

Mapping time: An analysis of the cartographic problem of representing spatiotemporal information, Irina Vasiliev

Political control of the bureaucracy in the cycle of shared power, James Edward Vike

A parallel data assimilation system and its implications on a metacomputing environment, Gregor von Laszewski

The social meaning of place and people with developmental disabilities, Pamela May Walker

Who fits in? An interactive investigation of preservice teachers' commitment to urban education, Marie Theresa Warchol

The education of Ruth Jenkins: A Canadian missionary in China, 1920-1927, Margaret E. Webb

Manly desire: Sexual economy in English narratives, 1748-1771, David Milo Weed

When therapy becomes theology: A critical view of empathy, Douglas Eames Whitcher

The role of unmitigated agency and unmitigated communion in physical and psychological health, Wanda Ann Willard

Creating a place to call home: Administrators' and women homeowners' perspectives on an urban home-ownership program, Bonnie M. Winfield

The impact of gender, gender attitudes, and communication on patient satisfaction during medical visits, Joan Angela Wolfensberger

An integrated model of mortgage termination, refinancing, and household mobility, Nelson Chi-Fai Wong

A non-physicalist ontology of art objects, David McMillan Woodruff

An infinite server queueing model for software readiness assessment and related performance measures, Kune-Zang Yang

Version management for multimedia document retrieval systems, Seong-Joon Yoo

Attenuation correction in SPECT using emission data, Thomas Michael Young

Computational analysis of real-time MPEG-2 video compression and its hardware implementation, Mansour A. Zuair


Using a computer laboratory setting (CLS) to teach college calculus, Nkechi Madonna Adeleine Agwu

Formal specification and verification of the OSI session layer using the Calculus of Communicating Systems (CCS), Milica Barjaktarovic

The psychological effects of exercise on dieting obese women, Susan Joan Bartlett

The use of computer networks in aerospace engineering, Ann Peterson Bishop

Compiling Fortran 90D/HPF for distributed memory MIMD computers, Zeki Bozkus

Adaptive polarimetric processors for multiband and multiscan radar, Russell DeAtley Brown

Identifying letters, Catherine Watt Burns

The President of the United States as public educator: A new historical perspective, Ronald G. Cantor

Perspectives of women educational professionals on their part-time doctoral studies, Joanna Blandyna Chrzanowski

Reshaping Change: The Implementation of the Senior Project in One English Class, Barbara Elizabeth Combs

The creation of a reality: The portrayal of mental illness and violent crime on television, Donald L. Diefenbach

Cooperative learning: A study of nursing students' achievement and perceptions, Irene Ann Solazzo DiFlorio

The United States Army's long march from Saigon to Baghdad: The development of war-fighting doctrine in the post-Vietnam era, Dennis Stewart Driggers

Information encountering: An exploration beyond information seeking, Sanda Erdelez

Learning assessment and program evaluation: Examining the efficacy of Informal Reading Inventory practices using Running Reading Records and retellings, Naomi Bennett Erdmann

A Spatial Statistical Analysis of Socioeconomic Fertility Determinants: The Case of Contemporary China, Hui Michael Feng

Attempts to create friendship in the lives of students with disabilities: The case of "circles of friends", Deborah Gold

The development, characterization and applications of polymeric films containing bacteriorhodopsin, Richard Brian Gross

Planning for a K-12 distance learning system: A case study, Lynda Ann Hanrahan

Seneca Ray Stoddard and the Adirondacks: Changing perceptions of wilderness, Jeffrey Lanier Horrell

Analytical determination of energy release rate and mode mix for interfacial cracks in layered elastic structures, Hurang Hu

A conceptual model for computer animation, William Joseph Joel

Image attributes: An investigation, Corinne Jorgensen

Woman, community and conflict: Rethinking the metaphor of female adultery in Hosea 1-2, Alice Ann Keefe

Automatic identification of causal relations in text and their use for improving precision in information retrieval, Christopher Soo-Guan Khoo

Reshaping government bureaucracy: The politics of public personnel reduction in Britain, the United States, and Japan, Keunsei Kim

The social representation of children with Down syndrome: An interpretivist analysis, Christopher Lee Kliewer

Parallel block-diagonal-bordered sparse linear solvers for power systems applications, David P. Koester

Dynamics of functional status and nursing home use, Sarah Beth Laditka

Teacher leadership: Bridging two worlds, Cathy Jo Caccavaio Leogrande

Immanence and otherness as perceived by Plotinus, Marsilio Ficino, John Cage, and Victor Zuckerkandl, Joyce J. Mauler

Combining machine-readable lexical resources with a principle-based parser, Michael Lawrence McHale

Facilitators' perspectives of a planned change process, Kathleen Ann McSorley

The impact of organizational culture on federal laboratory aggressiveness towards technology transfer, John Charles Mortensen

Community in Emma Willard's educational thought, 1787--1870, Thalia M. Mulvihill

Recovery from prior stimulation of the human compound action potential, Owen Donald Murnane Jr.

Financing research and development projects: Real options, spillover, and SWORD securities, Kevin Thomas Murphy

How family physicians learn a new medical procedure: Case investigations using the Personal Responsibility Orientation model, Linda Newell

Seven Principles Student Inventory: An indicator of success?, Jerome Edward Oberst

A controlled evaluation of facilitated communication: Time and task sampling approach to validation, Marjorie Faith Olney

Information retrieval by plausible inferences: An application of the theory of plausible reasoning of Collins and Michalski, Farhad Oroumchian

The community at work: The promise of Icaria, Janet Fischer Palmer

Managerial perceptions of red tape, Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Motivational dynamics of student movement participation in contemporary South Korea, Byeong-chul Park

On the margin between "high" culture and "ordinary" everyday life: Social organization of the amateur orchestra and its musicians, Jeong Hwa Park

Run-time support and compilation methods for irregular computations on distributed memory parallel machines, Ravi Ponnusamy

Cognitive, metacognitive, and social aspects of mathematical proof with respect to calculus, Ewa Anna Prus-Wisniowska

General properties of functions of bounded lambda-variation, Franciszek Prus-Wisniowski

Vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy and its applications to conformational study of bifunctional chiral molecules, Xinhua Qu

Sources of visual noise, Manoj Raghavan

The political economy of canal irrigation in south India, Priti Ramamurthy

Conditions that facilitate implementation of a career development program to promote gender equity in middle and junior high schools, Mary Elizabeth Riley

Essays on the measurement and causes of inefficiency in the public sector with application to education, John Gordon Ruggiero