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Essays on the measurement and causes of inefficiency in the public sector with application to education, John Gordon Ruggiero

Struggling for knowledge: Students, coordinated studies, and collaborative learning, Patricia Ellen Russo

Mi shiknar: I will learn. Literacy and empowerment among Bombay's slum women, Ujwala Samant

Design, validation, and testing of a hot-film anemometer for hypersonic flow, Mark Sheplak

Processing change in almost paradise: The political economy and discourse of healing in Samana, Dominican Republic, Kathleen Nora Skoczen

Synthesis and characterization of oxo vanadium phosphate and phosphonate materials, Victoria Garabed Soghomonian

Runtime Support for In-Core and Out-of-Core Data-Parallel Programs, Rajeev Thakur

Inside the Offsite: Creating organizational autonomy in the department of the Army, Clemson Garris Turregano

The joy of torture: Hellenistic and Indian philosophy on the doctrine that the sage is always happy even if tortured, Joseph Waligore

The structure of large business group networks in Japan and Taiwan, Huei-Huang Wang

A comparative study of space-time processing airborne radar, Michael Charles Wicks

Challenging the stage theory of grief: Women and men speak out ten to thirty years after the loss of a baby, Jane Louise William

Effects of elevated CO(2) on plant-grazer interactions, Brian John Wilsey

The staff of life: Women baking for social change. An ethnography of the Basic Kneads Wholegrain Bakery, Lynne Woehrle

Deep from within the well: African-American women living with AIDS, Ednita Marie Wright

Benjamin Franklin's legacy of virtue: The Franklin trusts of Boston and Philadelphia, Bruce Harley Yenawine

An integrated approach to some ranking and selection problems, Jun-Lue Zhang


Electromagnetic scattering from chiral cylinders of arbitrary cross section, Majeed A. Alkanhal

Storage of energy gases on activated carbon on the basis of structural parameters and energetic heterogeneity as determined by high-pressure adsorption of methane and hydrogen, Kwabena Adu Gyamfi Amankwah

Petrology and geochemistry of the Ordovician Blountian and Taconic foreland basin sequences: Implications for terrane accretion history, Charles Brannon Andersen

Effects of violent, nonviolent-dehumanizing, and nonviolent-egalitarian sexual portrayals on sexual attitudes and beliefs, Robert L. Bauserman

Procedures for selecting the best experimental treatment with comparison to a control, Laura Trasher Bernhofen

Influences on student course progress in an independent study degree program: A student perspective, David E. Brigham

Insights and perspectives on relationships and friendships: Views from adults who are labeled as mentally retarded, Guy Anthony Caruso

Polynuclear complexes of vanadium and molybdenum with organoarsonato- and organophosphonato ligands: Their syntheses and characterizations, Yuan-Da Chang

Federal laboratories as industry partners, Karen K. Coker

Parents' perspectives on relationships with professionals in inclusive educational settings, Linda Davern

Triple-layer structure of vorticity amplification in the stagnation point flow and its effect on heat transfer, Xinyu Dou

Supporting college learners: Relations between metacognition, reading and writing proficiency, and locus of control, Amelia E. El-Hindi

Deterrents to participation in continuing education programs among university-based nurse faculty, Elizabeth Rossi Essman

Dayneford's library: American homosexual writing, 1900-1913, James Joseph Gifford

Ukrainian through Russian, Tatiana Hursky

Performance feedback and generalization programming in writing instruction, Helen I. Jackson

The definition of educational technology: An intellectual and historical account, Alan Januszewski

Climbing the mountain: A qualitative study of the intimate relationship as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth, Pamela Kay June

Culture, empowerment, and low-income families of children with disabilities in India, Maya Kalyanpur

The effects of family history of alcoholism on the pattern of motivation for drinking and the level of consumption in young adult offspring, Farzaneh S.A. Khazrai

The effects of a planning outline on the written compositions of students with and without learning disabilities, Susan E. Lane

Getting ready for work: Working-class women's rituals, behaviors and attitudes toward their appearance and work, Carla Vaccaro Lloyd

Analysis and measurements of arbitrarily shaped open microstrip structures, Zoran A. Maricevic

The diffusion of educational television at the United States Military Academy, Mitchell E. Marovitz

The ecostratigraphic transition and selective extinction of bivalves across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in the Lombardian Alps, Italy, Christopher A. McRoberts

Dobles y frailes, seres imaginarios en la narrativa de Rosario Ferre: Una aproximacion semiotica, Rosario Mendez-Panedas

Inside social studies at Castleton High: Young citizens discuss their citizenship education, Otherine Johnson Neisler

Dominion and civility: Indians, Englishmen and the challenge of the first American frontiers, 1585-1685, Michael Leroy Oberg

Racial identity attitudes of African American students and student developmental tasks: An exploratory investigation, Richard Charles Peagler

Raising our voice: The essay and architecture/the essay as architext, Diana M. Penrod

On the preservation of certain properties of functions under composition, Pamela Bitler Pierce

Rural school consolidation in New York State, 1795-1993: A struggle for control, Thomas J. Pugh

Quasi-static analysis of multiconductor transmission lines in multilayered dielectric media above a ground plane perforated with holes of arbitrary shape, Ahmad Rahhal-Arabi

Conditions that facilitate the use of shared decision-making in schools, Charles Edward Read

Education vouchers: The experience in Chile, Taryn Andrea Rounds

Videoasis: The character of viewing in a video community, Michael S. Schoonmaker

Projection method minimization techniques for smooth multistage QMF filter decompositions, Stuart Alan Schweid

The effects of accountability, responsiveness, and professionalism on bureaucratic discretion: An experiment in street-level decision-making, Patrick Glenn Scott

The environment of small scale business and the informal sector in Botswana: Constraints, problems and prospects, Gloria Somolekae

Environmental quality, international trade, and economic development: Theory and evidence, Daqing Song

Relationships between assessments of intrapersonal and interpersonal functioning and maternal teaching strategies in employed mothers, Maureen Anne Sullivan

Two methods for near field to near/far field transformation with arbitrary near field geometry, Ardalan Taaghol

From dynastic geography to historical geography, Xiaofeng Tang

A model of developmental change in freshman students: Confirming Chickering's theory of student development, William Scott Thieke

Joan of Arc as a revelatory symbol in eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth century literature, music, art and sculpture, William Davenport West

The appropriation of the medieval motif by nineteenth-century British women writers, Natalie Joy Woodall

The politics and theology of prophetic pragmatism: A contribution to the critique of radical political philosophy, Mark David Wood

Measurement of the neutron spin structure function and its implications for QCD sum rules, Jianguo Xu

Stuttering and phonological disorders in children: Examination of the covert repair hypothesis, J. Scott Yaruss

Analysis of diffusional limitations on the cure of epoxy and cyanate ester resins, Deng Yong

Development and application of Raman optical activity, Gu-Sheng Yu


Evaluation of factors promoting successful microcomputing implementation in the Nigerian workplace, Adeyemi Abiodun Adekoya

Faust's Weg zu sich selbst: A Jungian interpretation of Goethe's "Faust" with special emphasis on the individuation process, Irmin Allner

A connectionist expert system for learning process drift control in offset lithographic printing, Souhaila, Al-Mutawa

The identification of user criteria of relevance and document characteristics: Beyond the topical approach to information retrieval, Carol Lee Barry

The sociology of Auguste Rodin, Anne Norinne Bates

Computer integration in K-12 schools: Conditions related to adoption and implementation, Deborah Young Bauder

The effect of case-mix reimbursement on nursing home spenddown in New York, Peter George Beatty

Quantization of Chern-Simons theories on manifolds with boundaries, Giuseppe Roberto Bimonte

Computer simulation for adsorption and desorption of molecules on solid surfaces, Ai Chen

Determinants of the supply of informal care to the frail elderly, Patricia Diane Ryan Coleman

The recovery of locality for causal sets and related topics, Alan Ronald Daughton

Determinants of parental involvement in a support program: A study of communication behavior and information sources, Stella Oluwarotimi Dorgu

The test expectancy effect: Is it a question of format or the level of questions?, Beverly Ruth Edmondson

Less Hell and more corn: Agriculture in Jefferson County, New York, 1850-1910, Suzanne Sophia Etherington,

Correlates of vocational outcome of adult women cancer survivors, Roseann Segretto Falise

How nurse educators in associate degree programs learn to teach, Carol Ann Fanutti

Radical theology in preparation: From Altizer to Edwards, Richard Lee Feero

Reasoning in evaluation: A distinction between general and working logic, Deborah Marie Fournier

The possible selves of people with Parkinson's disease, Leslie Donin Frazier

Multiconductor transmission lines in multilayered dielectric media over a gridded ground plane, James A. Gerald

Theoretical and materials chemistry of some group III and V elements, John Arthur Glass Jr.

Freshman interest groups: Linking social and academic experiences of first-year students, Anne S. Goodsell

Distributed programming paradigms with cryptography applications, Jonathan Scott Greenfield,

The politics of heterodoxy and the Kina Rami ascetics of Banaras, Roxanne Poormon Gupta

Administrative delay in government: Can information technology help? With a focus on the United States local government, Choi Heungsuk

The Korean War and messianic groups: Two cases in contrast, Joong-Hyun hoe

Horizons lost and found: Travel, writing, and Tibet in the age of imperialism, Laurie L. Hovell

Conditions in schools that facilitate implementation of peer coaching, Jean Amy Jeffery

A new method for circuit simulation suitable for parallel computing, Ping Chen Koo

United States and British news coverage of oil spills, 1966--1990, Jinling Lee

Correlation of electronic structure and ferromagnetism at rare earth metal surfaces, Dongqi Li

Neuropsychology in the schools: A comparison of neuropsychological and psychoeducational approaches to the assessment of learning disabilities, Karen Sussman Mackler