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Through a glass, darkly: The photographic image of people with a disability, James Anthony Knoll

A credibility model of policy decision making: Effects of computer media, advocacy, and policy arguments, David Landsbergen

Relationship of self-directed learning readiness and job characteristics to job satisfaction for professional nurses, Mary Ann Middlemiss

Regulating and resolving new car warranty problems and disputes: An analysis of lemon laws, FTC Rule 703 and alternative dispute resolution, Philip Roy Nowicki

A comparison of an urban and a rural public school adult education program in Vermont, Amory Carson Smith

The ideological functions of Renaissance funeral elegy, Ronald Lee Strickland

Local government finance: A case study of municipal in Thailand, Skon Varanyuwatana

Instrumental advances in vibrational optical activity, Carl Gordon Zimba

The efficacy of aggression replacement training with juvenile delinquents, Deborah Lynn Zimmerman


A Survey Of Attempted Solutions To Problems In College Geoscience Education, Edward Francis Carey

The "Confucian Odes" Made New: Ezra Pound's Translation Of The "Shi Jing", Pei-Wen Chang

Functions Of Generalized Bounded Variation And Summability Of Fourier Series, Lawrence Arthur D'antonio

Suburban Landscapes And Suburbanites: A Structurationist Perspective On Residential Land-Use In Northern Westchester County, New York, Nancy Ginnel Duncan

Magnitude Estimation And The Measurement Of Relevance, Michael Bruce Eisenberg

Economic Change Among The Dorobo/Akiek Of Central Kenya, 1850-1963, Thomas Chives Newton Evans

Religious Relief Ivory Carving During The Regency And Reign Of Charles V Of France (1356-1380), Enid Karr Gross

Functions Of Generalized Bounded Variation And Fourier Series, Pedro Isaza

Urbanization Of The Malays In Peninsular Malaysia, 1970-1980, Sulaiman Bin Mahbob

Colonial Patzcuaro, Michoacan: A Population Study, Carolyn Gale McGovern-Bowen

A Theoretical And Empirical Analysis Of Income Tax Evasion And Tax Avoidance, Matthew Neal Murray

A Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Analysis Of Shielded Microstrip Circuits, James Clinton Rautio

Personal Support, Self-Esteem And College Satisfaction Among Older Students: An Interaction Study, Andrew Philip Robinson

Population And Development In Maasailand, Kenya, Isaac Sindiga

The Relationship Of Self-Other Differentiation And Adaptive Regression To Empathic Ability, Deborah Sue Sturm


The Development of Models of Educational Consultants' Perceptions of the Executive Search Process, Dennis Michael Afton

Prefrontal Functions in Juvenile Delinquents, Elaine Shapiro Appellof

Watchman of the Peace: The United Nations Secretary-General and the Prevention of International Armed Conflict, Thomas Eugene Boudreau

The Analogy as an Instructional and Motivational Design Strategy in Text, Ruth Villency Curtis

Adsorption Studies of Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide on Oriented Platinum and Epitaxial Palladium Films, Pankaj Dixit

Life Satisfaction and Participation in Learning Activities Among Widows, Harriet Rosenman Esterin

State Examinations as Social Policy: Factors Influencing New York State Regents Social Studies Examinations, Stephen Charles Fleury

The Problem of Matter's Inherent Nature, Glenn Allen Hartz

A Study Of The Training Of Secondary School Teachers At Njala University College In Sierra Leone, Sheku A. M. Kargbo

A Study of The Influence of Stereotypical Male-Female Attitudes And Behaviors On Role Transition In Nursing And on Nurse-Physician Interprofessional Relationships, Elaine Menter Katzman

Drinking Patterns Among Seasonal Agricultural Workers, 1982, Richard Morales

The Self-Directedness and Motivational Orientation of Adult Part-Time Students at a Community College, Michael Merle Reynolds

Quantum Aspects of Topological Solitons, Vincent Gerald Joseph Rodgers

Iran in The New York Times and The Times, 1968-78: A Comparative Study of the Relations of Press and National Interest, Pirouz Shoar-Ghaffari


A Life Course Study Of Never-Married And Ever-Married Elderly Women From The 1910 Birth Cohort (Syracuse; New York; Transitions, Marital Status), Katherine Russell Allen

Numerical Methods For The Solution Of Stiff Delay Differential Equations, Farid Azali

Caring And Community: A Study Of Professional Norms And Controls In A School, James Joseph Cardi

A Study Of The Attitudes Of State College Faculty Toward Three Adult Education Programs, Raymond Edward Dengel

Jordanian Multi-Purpose Agricultural Cooperatives As Instruments Of Development: A Case In Public Policy, Muhamad Ali El-Muhamad

A Descriptive Study Of The Individual And Group Responses Of Three Tenth-Grade Readers To Two Short Stories And Two Textbook Selections (Critical Reading), Bonnie Ohrlund Ericson

Iteratively Maximum Likelihood Decodable Spherical Codes, Jiapeng Gao

A Study Of R&D/Marketing Interface And Innovation Success In High Technology Firms, Ashok Kumar Gupta

Education For Response-Ability: A Foundation Of Democracy, Richard Alan Hawkins

The Visual Event-Related Potential Correlates Of Signal Detection And Signal Recognition, David Allan Kobus

The Effects Of Consensus Information On Causal Attributions And Trait Evaluations: Indications Of Intuitive Psychologist And Intuitive Lawyer Models Of Judgment, Judith Cotey Mower

A Second Look At Accreditation: Student, Faculty And Employer Perceptions Of Academic Quality, Dorothy Kay Paynter

Reform In Social Studies Education As Reflected In High School American History Textbooks Published From 1880 To 1983, Richard Domenic Petruso

On The Elastic Stability Of Flat-Plate Assemblages In Shear With Special Reference To Trapezoidal Corrugated Plates, Kumar Gobind Punwani

Unions And The Employment Patterns Of Women And Minorities In Local Government Work Forces, Norma Margherita Riccucci


Deformation Of The Subsurface Silurian And Devonian Rocks Of The Southern Tier Of New York State, Katherine Jorgensen Beinkafner

Jewish Identity: Subjective Declarations Or Objective Life Styles, Bruce Lawrence Berg

The Sexual Abuse Of The Young Female In Life Course Perspective, Jane Frances Gilgun

The Crusade: The Presidential Election Of 1952, John Robert Greene

An Identification Of Effective Renewal Strategies For Small Private Liberal Arts Colleges, Robert Eugene Grinnell

Picasso On Androgyny: From Symbolism Through Surrealism, Gaile Ann Haessly

Territorial Politics In A Transitional Society: Towards A New Political Sociology Of Iran, Mohammad Hariri-Akbari

Territorial Politics In A Transitional Society: Towards A New Political Sociology Of Iran, Mohammad Hariri-Akbari

A Multi-Case Study Of The Self-Study Component Of The Regional Institutional Accreditation Process: Identifying Influential Factors, Edwin B. Harris

An Analysis Of Kinship In Personal Support Systems, Stephen William Kane

Self-Directed Learning And Growth Toward Personal Responsibility: Implications For A Framework For Health Promotion, Janet Grant Leeb

The Rise And Development Of The Art Museum As A Cultural Institution: The Philadelphia Story, Susanna Koethe Morikawa

A Case Study Of Innovation Adoption: The Integration Of Severely Handicapped Children Into Typical Public Schools, Geraldine Tuzzolino Muoio

Monopoles And Solitons In Particle Physics, Velayudhan Parameswaran Nair

Social Tension And Political Mobilization In Jacksonian Society: A Case Study Of The Antimasonic Party In New York, Pennsylvania And Vermont, 1827-1840, Robert O. Rupp


Los "Milagros De Nuestra Senora" de Gonzalo de Berceo y la Elaboracion Artistica de las Fuentes Latinas, Anibal Alejandro Biglieri

Romare Bearden: A Creative Mythology, Mary Schmidt Campbell

Creation of a Lens by Field Controlled Variation of the Index Of Refraction in a Liquid Crystal, Dennis Smith Cleverly

The Relationship between Migration and Criminality in Marseille, 1825-1880, James Michael Donovan

A Descriptive and Theoretical Study of the Nature of Clerical Work at a Mental Health Facility, Mary Kathryn Evans

The Illiterate Underclass: Demythologizing an American Stigma, Arlene Fingeret

Structure-Function Relationship of Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from Leuconostoc Mesenteroides, Bahram Haghighi

Analysis of Agc Nonlinear Effects Utilizing the Volterra Approach, Dany Harel

Grants Management: Policies and Procedures at the State and Local Government Levels, Richard Gordon Higgins

El Absurdo y la Condicion Humana en la Narrativa de Virgilio Pinera, Tomas Lopez-Ramirez

Social History of Practical Pan-Africanism and the Education of Teachers in Africa Including a Pilot Study of Factors Affecting the Willingness of Njala University College Teacher Trainees to Teach in Other African Countries, John Karefah Marah

National Public Policy and Natural Hazards in Developing Countries: Analysis of Absorptive Capacity in Kassala City, Sudan, Elberier Osman Mohammed

Millennialism and Antichrist in New England, 1630-1760, Michael Eugene Mooney

Camel, Weasel, Whale: Shakespeare's Riddles, Daniel Joseph Pukstas

Conflict Of Interest Regulation in the Federal Service: A Study in Law, Public Policy and Administration, Robert North Roberts

Germans and Gastarbeiter: A Study of Prejudice, Gerhard Heinrich Wilhelm Roggenkamp

Orpheus Remembered: Images of Death in Life, Susan Lynn Schwartz

The Wit of Error: The Early Tarot as Imaginal Text, the Fool and the Feminine as Boundary Metaphors, Lynda Sexson

Robert Squire's "Death, a Comedie," A Seventeenth Century Translation Of William Drury's "Mors": A Critical Edition, Michael Thomas Siconolfi

The Procession of the Time-Bearing Gods: Soul-History in Autobiography, Mary Zeiss Stewart

Joseph Ellicott and the Western New York Frontier: Environmental Assessments, Geographical Strategies, and Authored Landscapes, 1797-1811, William Kent Wyckoff


Shakespeare's dramaturgy and the education of the audience in "The Tempest", Diana Janice Biro

Unobtrusive Issues In The Agenda-Setting Role Of The Press, Richard Warwick Blood

Electromagnetic Transmission Through A Rotationally Symmetric Hole In A Thick Screen, Chung-Chi Cha

The Relationship Of Russell And Quine To Contemporary Theorists On Reference, Martin Dako

The Role Of The United States Army In The Colonization Of The Trans-Missouri West: Kansas, 1804-1861, John Baltzly Garver Jr.

Ipso electrophilic aromatic substitution. I. Synthesis and nitration of 4-(2-phenylethyl) indan. II. Intramolecular cyclizations with carbon electrophiles: attempted synthesis of a steroid, David Anthony Gray

Reduction Of Anisoplanatic Errors, Donald Willis Hanson

Ten Public School Superintendents' Perceptions Of How They Work, Dana Brooks Hart

Cooperation And Competition In Family, Pseudo-Family And Peer Triads, James Hibel

Developing A Plan For Saudi Arabian Women's Higher Education, Hend Majid Khuthaila

Estimates Of Relative Fiscal Burdens And The Influence Of The Composition Of The Property Tax Base On The Demand For Education In New York State School Districts, John Francis Malloy