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Kinetic And Mechanistic Aspects Of Gaseous Hydrogen Embrittlement, Karl Sieradzki

Structured Learning Therapy With Abusive Parents: Training In Self-Control, Eileen Jo Solomon

Influence Of Surfactants On The Dewatering Of Coal, Gerald John Stelma

Man's ransom, God's purchase: Character-making in C. S. Lewis' planetary romances, Jefferson Allen Stewart

Marketing Implications Of The Changes In Black Consumer Spending Behavior, Melvin Thomas Stith

New York And The War Of 1812, Harvey Joel Strum

Public Policy As A Self-Conscious Area Of Study, Khi Van Thai

Ambassador Gerard and American-German relations, 1913-1917, James Lawrence Troisi


The politics of education decision-making: a case study of the emergence of black principals in the New York City public schools, Rudolph Frederick Boone

The feebleminded female: an historical analysis of mental retardation as a social definition, 1890-1920, Madeline C. Brager

An investigation of two methods of teaching reading and study skills to specially admitted first-year college students, Jay Merle Button

Urban crisis and the new federalism, Anthony Patrick Carnevale

Student group perspectives on a secondary school, Peter Lanman Clark

Individual differences in attachment behavior: long-term stablity and relationships to language development, David Bruce Connell

The elderly consumer market: a psychographic segmentation study, Leonard John Fela

Enactment and application of the tenure statutes of the states of New York and Pennsylvania relative to reduction in force, Mary Francis Grasinger Sister

Goa and Mozambique: the participation of Goans in Portuguese enterprise in the Rios de Cuama, 1501-1752, Cyril Andrew Hromnik

A study of the relationship between student teacher's level of self-adjustment, perceptions of the role of teacher and preferred classroom environments, Charles Andrew Letteri

Anomalous hall effect and oscillatory photoconductivity in p-type mercury cadmium-telluride, Kevin James Riley

Cyclic ligands containing the amide linkage and manganese macrocyclic complexes containing an azo group, El-Ssaed Omar Ali Sabbak


Three Miles from L.A. And New York: A Study of Intrametropolitan Office Location Near Chicago - O'Hare International Airport, Michael Peters Aschman

'Normal' Mysticism and the Social World: A Comparative Study of Quaker and Hasidic Communal Mysticism, Alan Lewis Berger

The Socialization of Beginning Elementary Teachers, Melvin M. Chafetz

The Effects of Training for Enthusiasm on the Enthusiasm Displayed By Preservice Elementary Teachers, Mary Lynn Collins

Growth and Almost Periodicity of Dirichlet Series with Random Signs, Melvin John Friske

The Burr Family, 1716-1836, Suzanne Burr Geissler

Effects of Ideals upon Characters in Hawthorne's Fiction, James Mauritz Johnson

A Study of Faculty Participation in Voluntary Higher Education Consortia and an Analysis of the Incentives and Rewards Offered By Consortia with High Levels of Faculty Involvement, Norman Saul Kaufman

An Analysis of Intertemporal Financial Distress Experience of Industrial Bond Issues Through the Use of Multivariate Analysis, William Leslie Langdon

Effects of Experiential Learning on Machiavellian Orientation, an Indicator of Managerial Talent and Wanted and Expressed Inclusion, Control and Affection, Richard Charles Martin-Diaz

A Conceptual Analysis of Humanistic Education and the Theories of Abrahamh H. Maslow and Their Relationship to Higher Education, Constance A. Murray

Fire on the Rim: A Study in Contradictions in Left-Wing Political Mobilization in Hong Kong 1967, Stephen Edward Waldron

Chemical and Physical Studies of Select Oxa- And Thiabicycles, John Christy Wetzel

The Three Faces of Louise Labe, Charlotte Lee Woods


Culture and the American Frontier in Mormon Utah, 1850-1896, Arthur Ray Bassett

The Rise of the Old Orthodox Merchants of Moscow 1771-1894, Anthony Serge Beliajeff

Ludwig the Bavarian and the German Estates, Thomas Andrew Brown

Priorities and Attitudes of Four Decision Groups Regarding a Specific Educational Program: An Exploratory Study, David Wilfred Chapman

Trade and Pastoralism: Economic Factors in the History of the Somali of Northeastern Kenya, 1892-1948, Peter Thomas Dalleo

The Measure of All Things: The Conflict of Art and Biology in American Natural History Writing, Donald Federman

Sir William Johnson's Official Family: Patron and Clients in an Anglo-American Empire, 1742-1777, John Christopher Guzzardo

The Tempering Goddess: A Phenomenological and Structural Analysis of the Britomartis - Diktynna - Aphaia Mythologem, James Benton Harrod

An Empirical Study of Park and Ride Programs in the United States, Ti Hsu

The Anti-Abortion Movement: Testing a Theory of the Rise and Fall of Social Movements, Peter James Leahy

France, the United States, and the Lesseps Panama Canal: Renewed Rivalry in the Western Hemisphere, 1879-1889, Walter Edward Lowrie

The Arabic Press and Nationalism in Palestine, 1920-1948, Aida Ali Najjar

The Greeks in Ethiopia: Economic, Political, and Social Life c. 1740-1936, Theodore Natsoulas

Microgenesis of Subjective Meaning in Visual Perception, Robert Guiteras Strickland

Generalizations of the B Spline Approximation and Their Applications to Geometric Problems in Computer Aided Designs, Kam-Fook Tse

Computer-Aided Design Applications of the Rational B-Spline Approximation Form, Kenneth James Versprille

Priorities and Attitudes of Four Decision Groups Regarding a Specific Educational Program: An Exploratory Study, Paul Voninski

C. S. Lewis: Christopoesis and the Recovery of the Panegyric Imagination, Edward Gabriel Zogby


The American Birth Control Movement: a Study in Collective Behavior with Especial Reference to N. Smelser's Model of Norm-oriented Movements, Henrietta Lorraine Bartleson

The Syracuse Irish, 1812-1928: Immigration, Catholicism, Socioeconomic Status, Politics, and Irish Nationalism, John Asa Beadles

The Imperial Russian General Staff and China in the Far East 1880-1888: a Study of the Operations of the General Staff, Edwin George Bilof

The Dispersion of Aerosols in Systems of Repeatedly Bifurcating Tubes, Wen-Jia Russell Chen

Cyclopropane Geometry Effects in Rigid Cyclopropylaromatic Systems, Gary Ross Elling

Father to Son Reading: Its Effect on Boys' Reading Achievement, Betram Von Lossberg Henry

John Updike: the Dialectical Vision--the Influence of Kierkegaard and Barth, George William Hunt

A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach to Investment Decisions for Productive Capacity in Continuous Operation Systems, Nikolaos George Kondylis

The Industriels Forains of Brittany, an Itinerant Community, Oliver Burkert Lerch Jr.

United Nations Peacekeeping in Cyprus: an Evaluation, Robert Carlyle Mcintire Jr.

Persistence and Change in Ethnic Residential Space: an Ecological Case Study of the Polish in Philadelphia, Kenneth Charles Meyer

Milan Hodza and the Slovak National Movement, 1898-1918, Suzanna Maria Mikula

Structure of the Degrees of Enumeration Reducibility, Brian Barry Moore

Themes in Russian Utopian Fiction: a Study of the Utopian Works of M. M. Shcherbatov, A. Ulybyshev, F. V. Bulgarin, and v. F. Odoevskij, Dennis Bramwell Neuenschwander

Political and Constitutional Aspects of the Origins and Development of Local Government in Kenya 1895-1963, Monone Omosule

A Theory of Conflict and Outcome in Public Sector Collective Bargaining with a Verificational Study Focusing on Collective Bargaining in New York City, James Lee Perry

Stochastic Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Particle Transport in Water Filtration, Rajamani Rajagopalan

Intending a Solid Object: a Study of Objectivist Poetics, John Paul Taggart

Judicial Reform in the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention of 1967-1968, Gene Raymond Urey


A Content Analysis Of Tenth-Grade Students' Responses To Black Literature, Including The Effect Of Reading This Literature On Attitudes Towards Race, Leonard Paul Bazelak

Family Planning And The Urban Poor: A Study Of A Social Action Experiment, George Edward Bodine

Wyoming: A Study Of John Franklin And The Connecticut Settlement Into Pennsylvania, James Edward Brady

The Development Of Pictorial Space In Italian Gothic Sculptural Relief, Carol Fairfax Bullard

Gaston Bachelard And The Transformation Of Consciousness: Some Implications For Criticism And Interpretation, Worthington Campbell Jr.

Political And Social Issues In Poland, Reflected In The Polish Novel, 1946-1970, Anna R. Dadlez

The City And The Longhouse: A Social Geography Of American Indians In Syracuse, New York, Harvey Keyes Flad

An interpretation of the moral philosophy of David Hume: How to derive 'ought' from 'is', Bonnie Jean Gray

Mechanistic Investigation Into The Nature Of The Thermal Bond Relocations of cis-Bicyclo(6.1.0)Nona-2,4,6-Trienes, Ronald Conrad Griffith

Existential Conceptions Of Death: Heidegger, Tillich, Rilke, Jenny Lee Yates Hammett

The thought of William Sloane Coffin, Jr.: the correlation between spiritual and social revolution in our time, John Wesley Heister Jr.

The Afro-American And The Immigrant, 1880-1930: A Study Of Black Social Thought, David Johns Hellwig

Regional Accommodation In Southeast Asia: A Study Of Attitudinal Compatibility And Distance, Llewellyn Donald Howell Jr.

An Investigation Into The Influence Of Ramistic Rhetoric On The Rhetorical Expression Of Shakespeare's Comic Heroines, Daniel Joseph Lavista

Maxfield Parrish: His Life And Work, Coy Lee Ludwig

The Fate Of The Confucian Ideal In "Readings" Textbooks Of Taiwan And The China Mainland: A Study Of Continuity And Change, Margaret v. Gibbons Nutting

Applications Of B-Spline Approximation To Geometric Problems Of Computer-Aided Design, Richard Franklin Riesenfeld

Construction of (v,k,[lambda])-configurations using a Nonenumerative Search Technique, Donald Philip Shaver

Selected Topics In High-Energy Particle Physics, Cassio Sigaud Filho

Synthesis Of 1-Fluoro-3-Hydroxyacetone Phosphate And Its Effects On Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Joan Lee Basloe Silverman

The Development Of Computer Programming Concepts And Problem-Solving Abilities Among Ten-Year-Olds Learning Logo, Joyce Ann Statz

The Muslim Armed Struggle In The Philippines, 1900-1941, Samuel Kong Tan

Problems In Null-Plane Quantum Electrodynamics, James Harold Ten Eyck Jr.

Toward A Paradigm Of Future Public Administration: A Delphi Exercise Aimed At Defining The Scope And Methods Of Public Administration From 1973-1990, Emanuel Wald

Genesis And Bond Relocation Of The Cyclononatetraenyl Cation And Related Compounds, Emel Yakali


Models and Mechanisms for the Pyridine Nucleotides, Frederick H. Batzold

The Job Satisfactions of Black School Administrators, Maurita Miles Billups

William Fitzwilliam Owen: Hydrographer of the African Coast, 1774-1857, Robert Thomas Brown

Ethnicity and Class in the Structure of Philippine Cities, Daniel Frederick Doeppers