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The proliferation of chemical weapons and the military utility of chemical warfare: A case study of the Iran-Iraq War, Michael Thomas May

Partner-seeking through newspaper personal advertisements: A study of media dependency and adoption of innovation, Debra Lynn Merskin

The factors that black college freshmen perceive as contributing to their social and academic integration within a predominantly white university, Howard Junior Miller

International protection of journalists: Practice and prospects, Amit Mukherjee

Towards navigation for information retrieval, Gregory Barton Newby

The influence of inservice education on young children's responses to music, Betsy Louise Nicholas

Cultural Studies, Queer Theory, Marxism, Robert Andrew Nolan

Star-god: Enki/Ea and the biblical god as expressions of a common ancient Near Eastern astral-theological symbol system, Tony Ormond Nugent

Adaptive radar target detection algorithms in space-time and polarization domains, Hyung-Rae Park

Formal specification and verification of microprocessor interrupts, Donna Eileen Peterson

An empirical investigation of the marketing strategy implementation process, Hemant Chaitanya Sashittal

Constructs describing the expert teacher: How do elementary school principals, school board members, and university based educational researchers describe the expert teacher?, Fred Allan Schwartz

An Analysis of Municipal Government Expenditures in Japan, Akio Sone

Challenged to change: Perspectives of abusive men involved in wife abuse prevention programs, William Carlton Warters,

The effects of timing, social support, and the psychobiological influences of pregnancy on dyadic adjustment in Caucasian and African-American couples, Debra Bond Wollaber

Metallic and semiconductor nanoparticulate films generated under monolayers and between Langmuir-Blodgett films, Kyunghee Choi Yi

Holographic studies of liquid crystalline photopolymers, Jian Zhang

The boundary spanning role: Nature, influence, communication satisfaction and gender concerns, Lynn Marie Zoch


Accessible passively stored highly spin-polarized deuterium in solid hydrogen deuterium, with application to inertially confined fusion, Neil Brooks Alexander

Curiosity as an influencing variable in achievement in an interactive learner control environment, Marilyn P. Arnone

High-achieving low-achieving low-income Black children: What makes the difference?, Josephine A. Bright

Development of new Raman optical activity techniques, Diping Che

Visual reconstruction using variable nonlinear resistive networks, Seokrim Choi

The experience of friendship among adolescents with Neurofibromatosis Type I, Catharine Critz Church

Pandaemonia: A study of Eusebius' recasting of Plutarch's story of the "Death of Great Pan", Sharon Lynn Coggan

The evolution of an emerging political party system: A study of party politics in the Dominican Republic, 1961-1990, Thomas Jay D'Agostino

Media portrayals of nursing versus the actual work of nurses, Patricia Anne Ashton Duncan

Theories and empirical research on foreign direct investment: Survey, critical review and new directions, Mazen Darwiche Elhassan

Visual rhetoric: Photographs of the feeble-minded during the eugenics era, 1900-1930, Martin Arthur Elks

Churches in cooperative transition: Integration of Southern Baptist Sunday Schools, Leroy Gainey

Locus-of-control and the five-factor model of personality, Sylvia Ines Garma

The politics of corruption in contemporary China: A structurationist analysis, Ting Gong

Chern-Simons term: Theory and applications, Kumar S. Gupta

Cross-cultural conflict resolution groups: American Palestinians and Jews in dialogue on the Middle East, Amy S. Hubbard

Violence as grace: A Theopoietic reading of mimetic violence in Rene Girard and Flannery O'Connor, William Lawrence Johnson

The implementation of technology in the calculus classroom: An examination of teacher beliefs, practice and curriculum change, Karen Lee Ercole Jost

A three-dimensional space domain approach for the analysis of printed circuit problems, Masoud Kahrizi

A study of the effectiveness of instructional organizers when used in computer-based interactive video instruction, Richard Frederick Kenny

Design of optical pattern matcher for very large full-text information retrieval system, Yangwoo Kim

Novel methods for fabricating magnetic thin films and heterostructures, Yoon-Gi Kim

An experimental assessment of varied fidelity in instructional simulation on the facilitation of immediate and delayed performance of intravenous calculation and regulation, Mary Eileen Hayes Lantier

Polarization cancelers and polarization discontinuity detector, Chul Jai (C.J.) Lee

Alternatives to the current structure of bank taxation in New Jersey: An analysis of the distribution of tax liabilities among bank groups, Ranjana Ghoshal Madhusudhan

The study of high school teachers' utilization of instructional media in Aceh Province, Indonesia, Rusly Mahady

Transition to parenthood: A comparison of previously infertile and fertile couples, Mary Katherine Maroney

Perceptions of learning environment and intrinsic motivation in physical education: Predictive relationships with achievement goals and perceived ability, Stephen Andrew Mitchell

Retirement: Prospective and retrospective perceptions of university professors and their spouses, Betty Jane Myers

Structural, thermal, and rheological characterization of bisphenol A-based cyanate ester resin systems, Akyempem Osei Owusu

Spherically invariant random processes for radar clutter modeling, simulation and distribution identification, Muralidhar Rangaswamy

Religious truth-claims and the diversity of religious traditions, Daniel Dale Rieger

The local and the global: The Cayman Islands and the international financial system, Susan Mary Roberts

Development and psychometric evaluation of a measure of sexual desire, Ilana Paige Spector

The elusive self: A meta-analytic review of the self-reference effect literature, Cynthia Sheppard Symons

Disability reform and the role of women: Community inclusion and caring work, Rannveig Traustadottir

Parallel logic graph reduction system, Huei-Jane Tschai

La obra narrativa de Segundo Serrano Poncela, Andres Villagra

Rediscovering Memorial Day: Politics, patriotism and gender, Christine Cecilia Wagner

Chinese historians and the West: The origins of modern Chinese historiography, Qingjia Edward Wang

Ethical sensitivity and managerial decision-making: An experiment, Dennis Paul Wittmer

Uptake of metal ions and organic compounds from aqueous solutions by sorbents, Sotira Yiacoumi

The political culture of Northern African-American activists, 1830-1859, Robert J. Young

Conflict in the developmental disabilities profession: Perspectives on treatment approaches, ethics, and paradigms, Anita Yuskauskas

The transition trap: Factors that foreclose opportunity for students with severe disabilities, Nancy Jeanne Zollers


Beyond rhetoric and the New International Information and Communication Order: Economically developing countries do not practice what they preach, William Chukwudike Allen

Exotic statistics, Charilaos Nikolaos Aneziris

A study of membrane and membrane-based hybrid processes for gas separations, Bhagwatprasad Dinkar Bhide

The prediction of cardiovascular reactivity from a measure of hostility: Moderating influences of narcissism and self-involvement, Laurie Marlene Boxer

Who cares? Social support and women with breast cancer, Patricia Anne Bredenberg

How to learn Vasyl' Stefanyk's legacy: Manual for a teacher, Irena Buksa

Identification of important behaviors which indicate a readiness for self-directed learning in sales training settings, John Halpin Burns

Congenial ally or threatening rival: The Newcastle-upon-Tyne Labour movement, 1900-1914, Carol Anne Devlin

Hydrogen storage, microstructural properties, and electromigration effects in aluminum/palladium/aluminum films, Anthony G. Domenicucci

Consensus reshaped: Views of American mass public, mass communicators, and political leaders on foreign policy goals, Liping Du

"Their senior year": Family and service provider perspectives on the transition from school to adult life for young adults with disabilities, Amanda Gallivan Fenlon

Africobra: A descriptive study of an African-American artist collective, Daniel Joe Frye

Adult non-traditional students' perceptions of the factors that contribute to a fulfilling college academic experience, Victoria Tomcho Fry

A well-marked course: The life and works of John Spargo, Kenneth Howard Hilton

An analysis and defense of an ethics of love, Frances Mary Howard-Snyder

Analysis of a multiconductor transmission line embedded in a layered uniaxial medium using a mixed potential integral equation approach, Chung-I Gavin Hsu

Adaptive multiband Kalman filtering for target tracking, Yung-Shung Hung

Analysis of relative efficiency measures of medical nursing units for managerial diagnosis and control, Paul Edward Juras

Prophetic discourse and postmodernism: Towards a critical theory of religion, Brian Scott Karafin

Aspects of the antisymmetric tensor field, Amitabha Lahiri

Binary decision diagram algorithms for computer-aided logic design and verification, Zhe Jeff Li

Granville Hicks and the dilemma of American radicalism, Anouar Majid

The 'Pieds-noirs': A case study in the persistence of subcultural distinctiveness, Rosemary Averell Manes

The Advertising Council and the Cold War, John Vianney McGinnis

The ecclesiology of Laurentius Hispanus (c. 1180-1248) and his contribution to the Romanization of canon law jurisprudence, with an edition of the "Apparatus glossarum Laurentii Hispanii in Compilationem tertiam"., Brendan Joseph McManus

Multichannel detection using the discrete-time model-based innovations approach, James Henry Michels

"Our culture depends on yours": Poor families and the social construction of class and gender ideologies in Cuenca, Ecuador, Ann M. Miles

The United States Army logistics complex, 1818-1845: A case study of the northern frontier, Cynthia Ann Miller

Opinion and affect: An experimental investigation of the "fear of isolation" in the spiral of silence theory of public opinion formation and change, Elsa Louise Mohn

Development planning, politics, and paradox: A study of Khon Kaen, a regional city in Northeast Thailand, Somrudee Nicrowattanayingyong

Moral conflicts and moral psychology, Alastair James Norcross

Late Pleistocene glacial history and magnetic chronostratigraphy, western Adirondack borderland, New York, Donald L. Pair

Model-based tracking using motion from motion, Ganesh Ramamoorthy

Users' criteria for evaluation in multimedia information seeking and use situations, Linda Schamber

Functions of generalized bounded variation, generalized absolute continuity and applications to Fourier series, Nunzio Paul Schembari

The puppet state in international law and politics, Eizen Pauls Silins

A unified approach to robot path planning using trigonometric splines, Daniel John Simon