About: SURFACE, Syracuse University's Institutional Repository

What is SURFACE?

SURFACE is Syracuse University's digital repository–a free, open access resource providing long-term preservation to a broad range of content including: articles, books, journals, dissertations and theses, conference proceedings, videos, and more. Sharing your work on SURFACE helps build a more equitable and sustainable information ecosystem through the free and open sharing of scholarship. SURFACE publishing options are open to all SU-affiliated faculty, staff, or students.

Why should you publish in SURFACE?

SURFACE provides authors with:

  1. Continuing SURFACE team support including:
    • Persistent identifiers for scholars and articles (ORCIDs and DOIs)
    • Assistance in the publishing process
    • Indexing support for journals published on SURFACE
  2. Increased reach and impact of your scholarship through strong search-engine optimization (including Google and Google Scholar)
  3. Personalized monthly readership reports
  4. Avenue for questions on open access scholarship and publishing, and what qualifies for SURFACE at surface@syr.edu

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as our policies and procedures pages listed below: