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On The Elastic Stability Of Flat-Plate Assemblages In Shear With Special Reference To Trapezoidal Corrugated Plates, Kumar Gobind Punwani

Unions And The Employment Patterns Of Women And Minorities In Local Government Work Forces, Norma Margherita Riccucci


Deformation Of The Subsurface Silurian And Devonian Rocks Of The Southern Tier Of New York State, Katherine Jorgensen Beinkafner

Jewish Identity: Subjective Declarations Or Objective Life Styles, Bruce Lawrence Berg

The Sexual Abuse Of The Young Female In Life Course Perspective, Jane Frances Gilgun

The Crusade: The Presidential Election Of 1952, John Robert Greene

An Identification Of Effective Renewal Strategies For Small Private Liberal Arts Colleges, Robert Eugene Grinnell

Picasso On Androgyny: From Symbolism Through Surrealism, Gaile Ann Haessly

Territorial Politics In A Transitional Society: Towards A New Political Sociology Of Iran, Mohammad Hariri-Akbari

Territorial Politics In A Transitional Society: Towards A New Political Sociology Of Iran, Mohammad Hariri-Akbari

A Multi-Case Study Of The Self-Study Component Of The Regional Institutional Accreditation Process: Identifying Influential Factors, Edwin B. Harris

An Analysis Of Kinship In Personal Support Systems, Stephen William Kane

Self-Directed Learning And Growth Toward Personal Responsibility: Implications For A Framework For Health Promotion, Janet Grant Leeb

The Rise And Development Of The Art Museum As A Cultural Institution: The Philadelphia Story, Susanna Koethe Morikawa

A Case Study Of Innovation Adoption: The Integration Of Severely Handicapped Children Into Typical Public Schools, Geraldine Tuzzolino Muoio

Monopoles And Solitons In Particle Physics, Velayudhan Parameswaran Nair

Social Tension And Political Mobilization In Jacksonian Society: A Case Study Of The Antimasonic Party In New York, Pennsylvania And Vermont, 1827-1840, Robert O. Rupp


Los "Milagros De Nuestra Senora" de Gonzalo de Berceo y la Elaboracion Artistica de las Fuentes Latinas, Anibal Alejandro Biglieri

Romare Bearden: A Creative Mythology, Mary Schmidt Campbell

Creation of a Lens by Field Controlled Variation of the Index Of Refraction in a Liquid Crystal, Dennis Smith Cleverly

The Relationship between Migration and Criminality in Marseille, 1825-1880, James Michael Donovan

A Descriptive and Theoretical Study of the Nature of Clerical Work at a Mental Health Facility, Mary Kathryn Evans

The Illiterate Underclass: Demythologizing an American Stigma, Arlene Fingeret

Structure-Function Relationship of Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from Leuconostoc Mesenteroides, Bahram Haghighi

Analysis of Agc Nonlinear Effects Utilizing the Volterra Approach, Dany Harel

Grants Management: Policies and Procedures at the State and Local Government Levels, Richard Gordon Higgins

El Absurdo y la Condicion Humana en la Narrativa de Virgilio Pinera, Tomas Lopez-Ramirez

Social History of Practical Pan-Africanism and the Education of Teachers in Africa Including a Pilot Study of Factors Affecting the Willingness of Njala University College Teacher Trainees to Teach in Other African Countries, John Karefah Marah

National Public Policy and Natural Hazards in Developing Countries: Analysis of Absorptive Capacity in Kassala City, Sudan, Elberier Osman Mohammed

Millennialism and Antichrist in New England, 1630-1760, Michael Eugene Mooney

Camel, Weasel, Whale: Shakespeare's Riddles, Daniel Joseph Pukstas

Conflict Of Interest Regulation in the Federal Service: A Study in Law, Public Policy and Administration, Robert North Roberts

Germans and Gastarbeiter: A Study of Prejudice, Gerhard Heinrich Wilhelm Roggenkamp

Orpheus Remembered: Images of Death in Life, Susan Lynn Schwartz

The Wit of Error: The Early Tarot as Imaginal Text, the Fool and the Feminine as Boundary Metaphors, Lynda Sexson

Robert Squire's "Death, a Comedie," A Seventeenth Century Translation Of William Drury's "Mors": A Critical Edition, Michael Thomas Siconolfi

The Procession of the Time-Bearing Gods: Soul-History in Autobiography, Mary Zeiss Stewart

Joseph Ellicott and the Western New York Frontier: Environmental Assessments, Geographical Strategies, and Authored Landscapes, 1797-1811, William Kent Wyckoff


Shakespeare's dramaturgy and the education of the audience in "The Tempest", Diana Janice Biro

Unobtrusive Issues In The Agenda-Setting Role Of The Press, Richard Warwick Blood

Electromagnetic Transmission Through A Rotationally Symmetric Hole In A Thick Screen, Chung-Chi Cha

The Relationship Of Russell And Quine To Contemporary Theorists On Reference, Martin Dako

The Role Of The United States Army In The Colonization Of The Trans-Missouri West: Kansas, 1804-1861, John Baltzly Garver Jr.

Ipso electrophilic aromatic substitution. I. Synthesis and nitration of 4-(2-phenylethyl) indan. II. Intramolecular cyclizations with carbon electrophiles: attempted synthesis of a steroid, David Anthony Gray

Reduction Of Anisoplanatic Errors, Donald Willis Hanson

Ten Public School Superintendents' Perceptions Of How They Work, Dana Brooks Hart

Cooperation And Competition In Family, Pseudo-Family And Peer Triads, James Hibel

Developing A Plan For Saudi Arabian Women's Higher Education, Hend Majid Khuthaila

Estimates Of Relative Fiscal Burdens And The Influence Of The Composition Of The Property Tax Base On The Demand For Education In New York State School Districts, John Francis Malloy

Social Formations In Transitions: Social And Economic Change In The Lower Tana Valley, Kenya, 1850-1939, David Lawrence Miller

The Development Of A Marketing Channel Selection Process Model And Its Demonstration In An Industrial Chemicals Business And In An Electronic Components Business, James Anthony Narus

Empty willing: contemplative being-in-the-world in St. John of the Cross and Dogen, Philip Novak

Visibility And Perception Of Male And Female Leaders As A Function Of Follower Sex, Level Of Performance, And Rater Sex, Lynn Ruth Offermann

The Effect Of Conductor Academic Task Presentation, Conductor Reinforcement, And Ensemble Practice On Performers' Musical Achievement, Attentiveness, And Attitude, Harry Edward Price II

Mothers' Child-Rearing Styles And Daughters' Dependency: An Examination Of Restrictive And Democratic Methods, Barry Frederic Prince

The Beginnings Of The New York Central Railroad: A Study Of Men, Money And Materials, Ann Marie Scanlon

National Development Planners' Awareness Of And Supportiveness For Adult Education And Training In Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania And Zambia, Dilnawaz Ahmed Siddiqui

A Multivariate Model Of Rural Mobility In Peninsular Malaysia, Aminudin Bin Sulaiman

The Interaction Between Adsorption And Microbial Growth In Biological Activated Carbon (Bac) Processes, Shu-Chieh Paul Wang


A Monte Carlo Comparison of Robust and Resistant Estimators of Bivariate Correlation, Bernadette Bonnie Baranowski

Fire in the City: Spatial Perspectives on Urban Structural Fire Problems; Syracuse, New York, Robert Phippen Donnell

Transferring Technology to Municipal Markets: Marketing's New Frontier, Wally Joseph Elmer

A Peculiar Status: A History of Oneida Indian Treaties and Claims: Jurisdictional Conflict Within the American Government, 1775-1920, Philip Otto Geier III

Organizational Response for Survival: A Case Study in Higher Education, Martine Floyd Hammond

Turbulent Form: The Vortex in "The Cantos" Of Ezra Pound, David Brendan Hopes

The Sikhs of Northern California: A Socio-Historical Study, Bruce Wilfred La Brack

The Polarization of the Feminine in Arthurian and Troubadour Literature, Marian Mesrobian Maccurdy

Transfer Pricing In Multinational Enterprises: Empirical Tests, Craig Thomas Moore

A Study of Frank C. Laubach's Methods of Communicating: A Concern for Adult Literacy Education to the People of the United States, William Arthur Scofield

The Cotton Holiday Movement in the South, Robert Edward Snyder

Effects of Observed Positive, Negative and Neutral Social Interactions on Perceived Liking in Children, Jane Ann Steinberg

Conformational Properties of Polyribonucleic Acids: Studies with Yeast Transfer-RNA, Synthetic Homopolyribonucleotides and Rabbit Globin Messenger-RNA, Nikos Constantinos Vamvakopoulos

The Paradox of Historical Illusions of Tribe and the Durability of Ethnic Myths in Eastern Africa, John Burt Webster

Preparation and Utilization of Undergraduate Workers in Rehabilitation: Comparative Perceptions of Respondents, Barbara Joyce Witten

Urban System Structures and Development in the Philippines, Gar-On Anthony Yeh


The transition from Dutch to English law: its impact on women in New York, 1643 to 1727, LInda Briggs Biemer

The Onondaga Iroquois: 1500 - 1655, a study in acculturative change and its consequences, James Wesley Bradley

The nation-building process and administrative development in North Korea, Pyung-Gil Choi

Experiences along the Cherry Valley Turnpike: The Education of a Traveler, Michael Nicholas Gimigliano

Hervey Backus Wilbur and the Evolution of Policies and Practices toward Mentally Retarded People, Bernard John Graney

The mulatto in United States race relations: changing status and attitudes, 1800-1940, Leonard Richard Lempel

Prostitution and changing social norms in america, Carol A. Leonard

Black-White Relations in Kenya Game Policy: A Case Study of the Coast Province, 1895-1956, David Dhlalangami Maforo

Theoretical change and newspaper content: the diocesan press and Vatican ii, Dennis John Mahon

Teacher planning: a simulation study, Susan Levy Mintz

Stochastic modelling for reliability and other performance measures of software systems with applications, Kazuhira Okumoto

Faith and Chaos: The Quest for Meaning in the Writings of Jonathan Edwards and William James, Barbara Jean Pamela Scott

Russo-German economic relations, 1850-1914, Merle Wesley Shoemaker

Oil whirl and critical instabilities in rotor-bearing systems, Ehtisham Uddin Ahmad Siddiqui

Selected artificial intelligence techniques in information retrieval systems research., Linda Cheryl Smith

American - Cuban Relations: 1957-1963, Kevin Beirne Tierney

The revolution in political leadership in Chester county, Pennsylvania, 1765-1785, Rosemary Sweeney Warden

Modelling of crack tip deformation with finite-element method and its applications, Chuang-Yeh Yang


Remembering Mysteries: The Nineteenth-Century Detective Story As A Modern Art Of Memory, Amy Susan Brill

Urban Background To The Interstate Highway Program: The Planning And Politics Of Highways In Syracuse, 1944-1960, Jerome Allan Cohn

Justice Douglas And Administrative Law, Phillip John Cooper

The deep image: Radical subjectivity in the poetry of Robert Bly, James Wright, Galway Kinnell, James Dickey, and W. S. Merwin, David Lindsey Elliott

Mohan Rakesh (1925-1972): A Study Of The Context, Content And Craft Of His Fiction, Charanjeat Singh Jossan

Interdependence: Mutual Causality In Early Buddhist Teachings And General Systems Theory, Joanna Rogers Macy

Symbol Structures In Central European Church Music: Aspects Of The Word-Tone Relationship In The Mid- To Late Seventeenth Century, Craig Allan Otto