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Simulations of hydrodynamic interactions in bubbly liquids and colloids, Sang-Yoon Kang

Pedagogy of power: Education for participatory, democratic citizenship, Jerilyn Fay Collier, Kelle

"Forty shades of green": Conflict over community among New York's Irish, 1860-1920, Mary C. Kelly

Crossing borders: The negotiation of difference and formation of couple identity in interracial, Kyle D. Killian

Factors affecting the unmet long term care need of elderly in Korea and the United States: Effects of children and formal home care on the unmet need, Jaeil Kim

Quality of life and secondary disabling conditions among individuals with traumatic brain injury, Charles Alan Kincaid

Biogeochemistry of forest catchments in the Czech Republic with contrasting lithology under conditions of acidic deposition, Pavel Kram

A fat tree network-based cache coherence protocol for scalable distributed shared memory multiprocessors, Senthil, Krishnamoorthy

The effect of Indonesia trade liberalization on price-cost margins and technical efficiency, Heri Kristiono

Toward a new practice: Culture, history and printed communication in the United States, 1831-1888, Ronald Matthew Labuz

The experience of love in abusive and nonabusive courtship relationships, Lamont Wayne Larry

Cardiovascular and metabolic responses during active coping: Individual differences in blood pressure and personality, Mark Robert Larson

An exploratory study of family therapists working as consultants to address the interaction between race and education in an elementary school, Tracey Ann Laszloffy

The role of metapopulation dynamics in the persistence of rare species, Brenda Price Latham

User-controllable input and output for parallel computers, Jang Sun Lee

Real-time interactive client-server terrain rendering, Alvin Leung

Matter, unity and infinity in early Leibniz, Samuel Stephen Levey

The creation of premenstrual dysphoric disorder: A feminist analysis of expert discourse and science work, Jacqueline Diane Lilly

The effects of selective attention on adult age differences in skill acquisition: Evidence supporting a nonlinear 2-factor model, Amy Elizabeth Lincourt

Laboratory synthesis of molecular hydrogen on surfaces of interstellar dust grain analogues, Chi Liu

Women who de-silence themselves: Male-illegible literature (Nushu) and female-specific songs (Nuge) in Jiangyong County, Hunan Province, China, Fei-Wen Liu

Realms of culture: Therapists' perspectives on self and others, Esther Elena Lopez-Bernstein

Three essays on cointegration in panel data, Suzanne McCoskey

Finite element analysis of lanthanum-modified lead zirconate titanate electro-optic devices, James Anthony, Migliaccio

Aspects of boundary states in gauge field theories, Arshad Momen

Generativity: A model of self-integration, Milene Z. Morfei

Sumtuary law in ancien regime France, 1229-1806, Johanna B. Moyer

Induced decision trees for time- and cost-sensitive data, Catherine Kuenz Murphy

Induced decision trees for time- and cost-sensitive data, Catherine Kuenz, Murphy

Loss of self: A narrative study on people with traumatic brain injuries, Masahiro Nochi

Immigrant clergy in the promised land, Delia Nuesch-Olver

Immigrant clergy in the promised land, Delia Nuesch-Olver

Family support, disability, and diversity: The perspectives of families, Susan Elizabeth, O'Connor

More than NIMBY: The Not-In-My-Backyard syndrome and community responses to controversial and opposed scientific and technological (COST) facility siting attempts in New York State, Mark John O'Gorman

E-mail use in the contexts of place, social networks, and empowerment: An examination of grassroots environmentalists in Estonia and Russia, Shannon Renee Maziar O'Lear

When the monsters under your bed are real: The social construction of incest, Janet L. Osborn

Sacco and Vanzetti in American art and music, Carolyn West Pace

Caregiver characteristics and experiences: Their effects on the probability of nursing home admission, Meeae Park

What the Limulus eye tells the Limulus brain, Christopher Lawrence Passaglia

Early use of worldwide electronic mailing lists by social science and humanities scholars in the United States, Robin Patricia, Peek

Full-wave analysis of MICs in multilayer dielectric media in a rectangular waveguide: A spectral domain approach, Odilon Marojada Costa Pereira-Filho

Essays on the accumulation and transfer of wealth at older ages, John Phillips

Electoral opposition in the British National Union of Mineworkers: The effects of local union organization, Donald J. Pratt

"Reading and writing ourselves into being--then what?": The literacy of certain nineteenth-century young women, Claire White Putala

Genetic and molecular characterization of genes involved in Caenorhabditis elegans germ line development, Li Qiao

"Deliver us from this darkness": Formal education and lower class children in Tamilnadu, India, Aruna Rajabalasubramanian

Study of zeolite-supported platinum catalysts using small angle x-ray scattering, Raghu Ramaya

"By their own labor": Enslaved Africans' survival strategies on two Jamaican plantations, Matthew Bruce Reeves

New integral equation approach for the numerical analysis of MOS devices in VLSI, Jalel Rejeb

Three essays on labor market transitions, Stephen E. Rhody

Insulin injection site selection and cognitive factors associated with diabetes mellitus in children, Timothy Elwood Rickabaugh

Keeping the candle lit: The ethic of just care in the context of Catholic peace and justice activism, Margaret M. Riordan

Grassroots and the state: Perspectives from the neighbors' movement in Caracas, Venezuela, Angelo Agustin Rivero Santos

Adaptive pre-suppression of wideband noise jammers in conjunction with space-time adaptive processing, Paul David Rivkin

City wilderness: The pastoral topographies of literary Marxism in the United States, 1893-1950, Steven, Rosendale

Leadership legitimacy in the Middle East: Imam Musa Sadr's identity, charisma and political legitimation in Lebanon, 1960-1975, Mohamad Seif Eddine Salman

Resistance to the adoption of family planning in Java and Bali, Indonesia, S. Samidjo

Effective Lagrangian Models for gauge theories of fundamental interactions, Francesco Sannino

Adsorption on and desorption from surfaces of astrophysical interest studied by atomic beam scattering, Liyong, Shen

Application of the variability index (VI) statistic to radar CFAR processing, Michael Ernest Smith

Mapping sites of deposition-related acetylation in newly synthesized H3 and H4 during chromatin assembly and maturation in vitro and in vivo, Richard E. Sobel

Income tax incentives to investment for economic development: The Korean experience, Keakook Song

Conditions that facilitate the implementation of innovative freshman experience courses: A comparative analysis of three courses, Deborah Ruth Friedeman Federman Stein

Three new test methods for the determination of fracture toughnesses of bimaterial interfaces, Viswanathan Sundararaman

An analysis of the theta sectors of quantum gravity, Sumati, Surya,

"The charming sideshow": Cheerleading, girls' culture and schooling, Rajeswari Swaminathan

The oral proficiency interview in the workplace: The testing and training of heritage advanced speakers of Spanish, Elvira Boxhill Boxhill Swender

The Jane Rand story: A case study of an elementary vocal music teacher, Barbara Marble Tagg

Reliability of self-reported alcohol use in psychiatric settings, Lesley M. Teitelbaum

The creation of the Center for Advanced Technology in Computer Applications and Software Engineering (the CASE Center) at Syracuse University: An examination of founding premises and expected outcomes, Susan Thomas

Implications of reorganization incentive aid in New York State, Richard G. Timbs

Virtual reality as a mass or massive medium, Dan Eric Tinianow

Building China's civil service: Incorporating a Western model and Chinese characteristics, Caroline Hai-Yan Tong

Sense of coherence in mothers of children with developmental delay, Susan Peirce Ursprung

Decentralized detection and estimation with fuzzy and asynchronous data, Vajira N. S. Vajira

Instrumentation advances and new applications in Raman optical activity, , Maria Vargek

The initiation of information systems innovation by users: A learning perspective, Satish Vasudevan

A computer-aided ceramics curriculum: Case studies toward a developing model, Robert John vonHunke

The role of nitrogen and leaf development in plant-insect interactions, D. Alexander Wait

Landscapes of fun: Rewriting downtown Syracuse, Judith Roanne Walton

Post-colonial African theory and practice: Wole Soyinka's anarchism, Joseph Walunywa

The precision measurement of the neutron spin structure function using polarized helium-3 target, Xuejun Wang

State policy impacts on firm-level simultaneous environmental-economic efficiency, Eric Wayne Welch

Documenting the experiences of academically successful college-aged African-American females, Dina Marlene, Wilderson

Learning limits: College women constructing meaning about drugs in their relationships, Kimberly Margaret Williams

Three essays on public policy simulations, David Charles Wittenburg

Search for electroweak penguin decay bottom quark to s quark lepton+ lepton-, Xing Xia

Graphical simulation and automatic verification of NC milling programs, Yaoxian Xu

The effect of mandatory, secondary-municipal-bond-market disclosure requirements on the United States municipal bond market: The amended Securities Exchange Act, Rule 15C2-12 of 1994, Taihwan Yin

Application of multi-dimensional NMR in the study of DNA structure and dynamics, Jiqun, Yu

Characterization of lead zirconate titanate thin films by atomic force microscopy, Genaro, Ph Zavala-Enriquez

Unified implementation of fuzzy rule based control using self-organizing map neural network, Farrukh Zia

Analysis of differences between creators of literary and artistic works and their commissioning parties in the interpretation of the work made for hire provisions of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, 94-553); the implications for education and business, Paul, Zuckerman


A study on how nontraditional HIV-positive students make meaning of the college experience in central New York colleges and universities, Joseph F. Adamo

Elimination of the effects of mutual coupling in adaptive thin wire antennas, Raviraj Sadanand Adve

Application-oriented communication protocols for high-speed networks, Eyas Sameer Al-hajery

Budget, performance evaluation, and cost allocation as resource allocation mechanisms in colleges and universities: A descriptive and positive research study, Osama F. Al-Heizan

The effect of price on a product's perceived quality: The case of shopping goods, Abdul-Razzak Bader Alsamdan

Savings mobilization and financial market development in Ghana, Charles Awasu (Editor)

Resource management schemes for multiprocessors based on multistage interconnection networks, Muhammad Naeem Ayyaz