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Jewish identity, family cohesion, and child well-being, Maureen Patricia Semans

Studies toward the total synthesis of octalactin A and B, Brian A. Sherer

Design and evaluation of radial basis function model for function approximation, Mi-Young Shin

Information technology and electronic commerce: Attributes of emerging online business, Joanne Lavine Silverstein

A path model of couple intimacy: Examining the residuals of parenting style on young adult children's heterosexual couple relationships, Lisa Loree Gold Sine

Trash to treasures: A qualitative study of the relationship between collectors and collectible brands, Janet S. Slater

Learners' perspectives of the train-the-trainer program in creating the role of classroom trainer, Susan B. Slusarski

Conflict and consensus-building at the fourth UN World Conference on Women: A study of international nongovernmental cooperation, Anna Christine Snyder

The study of the effects of electronic storage of government information on the Freedom of Information Act, Herbert Ward Snyder

The changing role of the bishop in society: Episcopal translation in the Middle Ages, Mary Ellen Sommar

Fly girl in the buttermilk: The graduate experiences at a predominantly White institution of Black women who attended various undergraduate environments, Renee Ericka Spraggins

Techniques for improving performance in continuous media servers, Chutimet Srinilta

Part I. Bacteriorhodopsin-related materials work for molecular electronics. Part II. Volumetric optical memory based on the branched photocycle of bacteriorhodopsin. Part III. The role of calcium in the bacteriorhodopsin binding site, Jeffrey Alan Stuart

Essays on vertically integrated multinational enterprises: Theory and evidence, Linghui Tang

Student perspectives on secondary inclusion art classes: Aesthetics, production, and community, Dennis L. Taylor

High capacity free space switching fabric with dynamic holograms, Serey Thai

Automatic data partitioning for a parallel language, Elaine Wenderholm

African-centered education: Reflections and perspectives from one institution, Nicole West-Burns

Escape to the mountains: A case study of the Church Universal and Triumphant, Bradley Christian Whitsel

The meaning of success: Perspectives of single African American mothers who are former welfare recipients and heads of household, Shelly Ruth Hentz Williams

Mate choice in the presence of sperm parasites, Timothy James Wisniewski

Taxes and state and local economics development: The homestead tax option in New York, Wai-Ho Wilson Wong

Neodymium isotopic and uranium-lead geochronologic studies of southern Appalachian terranes, Gregory L. Wortman

Unmuffled voices: The therapeutic experiences of white women living in economic poverty, Carolyn Irene Wright

Volatility, spread revision, volume, and the nature of information, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu

Henri Francois Pittier: Geographer, natural scientist and the development of geography in Costa Rica, Leon I. Yacher

Women's labor supply reactions to divorce and childbirth in Germany, Qing Yang

Toward a philosophy of interpersonal self and self-esteem, Zeus John Yiamouyiannis

Multi-layer adaptive digital particle image velocimetry and its application, Jinzhong Zhang

Supercritical water oxidation of 4-monochlorobiphenyl (4MCB): Reaction kinetics, destruction efficiency, and by-products, Zhuohong Zhang


The Cypriot 'ethnic' conflict in the production of global power, Anna M. Agathangelou

Rights and respect: A study of the competing concerns of Alliance Quebec and the Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montreal, Marie Catherine Agen

Dynamical breaking of string model in 1 + 1 dimension, Thamer Abdulmohsen Al-Aithan

The academic and nonacademic characteristics of science and nonscience majors in Yemeni high schools, Mahyoub Ali Anaam

Making a movement: The meaning of community in the Congress of Racial Equality, 1958-1968, Kristin Marie Anderson-Bricker

Entrepreneurs and place in early America: Auburn, New York, 1783-1880, Scott William Anderson

Marketing on the World Wide Web: An empirical investigation of the relationship between strategy and the performance of corporate web sites, Patrice Auger

Vision for change: Social welfare practice and policy for women who experience family violence in Jamaica, Carol Rose Graham Awasu

Engaging basals and tradebooks: Fourth graders preferences and responses to excerpted and nonexcerpted stories, Laurie Marie Ayre

Between sovereignty and integration: German foreign policy and national identity, Jonathan Paul Gregory Bach

Runtime support for unstructured data accesses on coarse-grained, distributed-memory parallel machines, Seungjo Bae

How faculty of color construct the promotion and tenure process, Benjamin Baez

Three essays on poverty, inequality and retirement in Central and Eastern Europe, Debra Jane Bailey

Breaking through the glass ceiling: Career advancement of African-Americans in the federal government, Margo La Verne Bailey

Breaking through the glass ceiling: Career advancement of African-Americans in the federal government, Margo La Verne Bailey

Society and nature: Alternative models from the environmental movement, Robert C. Ballinger

The personal computer. A medium with a different message for every user: An investigation into the applicability of mass communications theories to personal computers, Lisa Ann Beinhoff

Nature, culture, the city and the park: The transformation of San Francisco's Presidio Army Post to National Park, Lisa M. Benton

Formerly battered women: When and why they leave, Susan Birns

The use of children's literature to promote anti-bias education: A transactional study of teachers' use and student response, Kathleen Alison Black

Agenda setting and public opinion formation: Media content and opinion polls on divorce referenda in Ireland, Michael Joseph, Breen

The problem of "other" and "difference" in the study of Native American religion, Craig Alan Burgdoff

Popular education and pedagogy in everyday life: The nature of educational travel in the Americas, Ronnie Paul Casella

William C. Bullitt: Fear and loathing of the Soviet Union, 1917-1948, Michael Cassella-Blackburn

The potter, the Brahm, and the butcher's ghost: Caste and family dynamics in north India, Neema N. Caughran

Structural investigations of alkali- and alkaline earth-metal thiolates, Scott, Chadwick

Monitoring early literacy skills: The efficiency and sensitivity of phonological awareness measures, Sandra Monachino Chafouleas

Improving space-time adaptive processing (STAP) radar performance in nonhomogeneous clutter, Ho-Hsuan, Chang,

Immigrant women's lives: Weaving garment work and legislative policy, Ruth A. Charles

Supercritical fluid extraction of polychlorinated biphenyls from soils, Pairu Chen

Investigating the quote decision behavior of the specialist and spread components between the options and underlying securities, Min-Hsien Chiang

Attending to Elysium: Henry David Thoreau, William Bronk, and the continuity of an American poetry, David Wright, Clippinger

School-based intervention teams: An assessment of variables predictive of successful interventions, Sheila Moody Clonan

Teachers' perceptions of their responsibilities: Does ease always come, Vicki Facchino Lee Cole

The impact of an experimental university on the occupational and educational aspirations of adolescents in Venezuela, Isabel Mercedes Conde de Montoya

On linear types and imperative update, Stephen Cooper

The experience of voluntarily leaving an established career, Melinda Louise Costello

Methods of structuring word processing jobs and the effects on clerical workers, Pamela Lane Cox

Protecting human rights: The dynamics of international nonviolent accompaniment by Peace Brigades International in Sri Lanka, Patrick Glenn Coy

Dynamic, generic program visualization in a programming language environment, Wanda Peters Dann

The role of paraprofessionals in quality inclusive educational programs, Michaela Maria D'Aquanni

World-wide virtual machine: A metacomputing environment integrating World Wide Web and high performance computing and communications technologies, Kivanc Dincer

The recyclables marketplace: A transaction cost economics approach, J. Garrett Dolan

Gendered prisons: (Re)construction of identities in war, Lorraine Dowler

Messages from the hill: A conceptual framework to understand the Congressional press secretary, Edward J. Downes

The time costs of consumption: An empirical investigation, Robert Milton Dunsky

Instructional multimedia in a foreign language classroom: A systemic environment, Gerald Samuel Edmonds

Studies in random surfaces, Falcioni Falcioni

Investigations leading to large solid frozen-spin polarized HD targets and implementation of such targets for photonuclear spin-physics studies, Qun Fan

Empiricism and repetition: A philosophical examination of alterity, colonial discourse, and ethnography in the study of religion, Ronald Ray Fogleman

It takes a soldier...: The effects of post-Cold War military socialization on the identity of West Point cadets, Volker C. Franke

Silent partners: Australia and the United States in Vietnam, 1954-1968, Ronald Bruce, Jr. Frankum

Network externalities and vertical integration: The case of the World Wide Web software market, John Martin Gallaugher

The sojourning life as problematic: Marital crises of Chinese students who are studying in the United States, Zhan Gao

The relationships among cognitive variables and students' problem-solving strategies in an interactive chemistry classroom, Frank Joseph Giuliano

The efficacy of two outpatient drug-free treatment programs: A comparative study, Deborah Dillon Grant

A different politics of difference: Exploring alternatives in teaching basic writers, Laura Anne Gray-Rosendale

Transannular coupling reactions of 1,6-cyclodecadiyne and synthesis and characterization of pentamethylcyclopentadienyliron complexes with unsaturated hydrocarbon bridges, Xinhong Simon Gu

Origins of the developmental state in Korea: A social constructivist approach, Jongwoo Han

Comparison of four instructional approaches and mathematics background on students' conception of limits, William James Hardin

Adolescent use of the continuum of help as a function of problem domain, problem persona, gender, age, self-efficacy, and perceived informal support, Judith Welter, Hargreaves

Serial sigmatropic construction of polypropionate-derived acyclic systems: Synthesis of the ansa subunit of streptovaricin D, Michael Patrick Hayes

Training teachers to use managerial scripts: A method for improving children's classroom behavior, Andrea Seeta Hiralall

College women's fear of sexual assault, Mary Levesque Horchos

Integrating prior experiences into behavioral decisions: The effect of prior fighting experiences on the contest behavior of Rivulus marmoratus, a hermaphroditic fish, Yuying Hsu

Identification and characterization of Hhp1p, a heterochromatin-associated protein in Tetrahymena thermophila, Hui Huang

Grandparent-grandchild relationships over time: Connections with the middle generation, Cheryl Buckman, Hutchinson

Design and implementation of a high-performance continuous media-on-demand server, Divyesh Jadav

Care arrangements for frail older persons, Carol Lynne, Jenkins

The changing construction of partisan identity: Party stereotypes of the American electorate, 1952-1994, James Sven Josefson