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Computer-Aided Design Applications of the Rational B-Spline Approximation Form, Kenneth James Versprille

Priorities and Attitudes of Four Decision Groups Regarding a Specific Educational Program: An Exploratory Study, Paul Voninski

C. S. Lewis: Christopoesis and the Recovery of the Panegyric Imagination, Edward Gabriel Zogby


The American Birth Control Movement: a Study in Collective Behavior with Especial Reference to N. Smelser's Model of Norm-oriented Movements, Henrietta Lorraine Bartleson

The Syracuse Irish, 1812-1928: Immigration, Catholicism, Socioeconomic Status, Politics, and Irish Nationalism, John Asa Beadles

The Imperial Russian General Staff and China in the Far East 1880-1888: a Study of the Operations of the General Staff, Edwin George Bilof

The Dispersion of Aerosols in Systems of Repeatedly Bifurcating Tubes, Wen-Jia Russell Chen

Cyclopropane Geometry Effects in Rigid Cyclopropylaromatic Systems, Gary Ross Elling

Father to Son Reading: Its Effect on Boys' Reading Achievement, Betram Von Lossberg Henry

John Updike: the Dialectical Vision--the Influence of Kierkegaard and Barth, George William Hunt

A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach to Investment Decisions for Productive Capacity in Continuous Operation Systems, Nikolaos George Kondylis

The Industriels Forains of Brittany, an Itinerant Community, Oliver Burkert Lerch Jr.

United Nations Peacekeeping in Cyprus: an Evaluation, Robert Carlyle Mcintire Jr.

Persistence and Change in Ethnic Residential Space: an Ecological Case Study of the Polish in Philadelphia, Kenneth Charles Meyer

Milan Hodza and the Slovak National Movement, 1898-1918, Suzanna Maria Mikula

Structure of the Degrees of Enumeration Reducibility, Brian Barry Moore

Themes in Russian Utopian Fiction: a Study of the Utopian Works of M. M. Shcherbatov, A. Ulybyshev, F. V. Bulgarin, and v. F. Odoevskij, Dennis Bramwell Neuenschwander

Political and Constitutional Aspects of the Origins and Development of Local Government in Kenya 1895-1963, Monone Omosule

A Theory of Conflict and Outcome in Public Sector Collective Bargaining with a Verificational Study Focusing on Collective Bargaining in New York City, James Lee Perry

Stochastic Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Particle Transport in Water Filtration, Rajamani Rajagopalan

Intending a Solid Object: a Study of Objectivist Poetics, John Paul Taggart

Judicial Reform in the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention of 1967-1968, Gene Raymond Urey


A Content Analysis Of Tenth-Grade Students' Responses To Black Literature, Including The Effect Of Reading This Literature On Attitudes Towards Race, Leonard Paul Bazelak

Family Planning And The Urban Poor: A Study Of A Social Action Experiment, George Edward Bodine

Wyoming: A Study Of John Franklin And The Connecticut Settlement Into Pennsylvania, James Edward Brady

The Development Of Pictorial Space In Italian Gothic Sculptural Relief, Carol Fairfax Bullard

Gaston Bachelard And The Transformation Of Consciousness: Some Implications For Criticism And Interpretation, Worthington Campbell Jr.

Political And Social Issues In Poland, Reflected In The Polish Novel, 1946-1970, Anna R. Dadlez

The City And The Longhouse: A Social Geography Of American Indians In Syracuse, New York, Harvey Keyes Flad

An interpretation of the moral philosophy of David Hume: How to derive 'ought' from 'is', Bonnie Jean Gray

Mechanistic Investigation Into The Nature Of The Thermal Bond Relocations of cis-Bicyclo(6.1.0)Nona-2,4,6-Trienes, Ronald Conrad Griffith

Existential Conceptions Of Death: Heidegger, Tillich, Rilke, Jenny Lee Yates Hammett

The thought of William Sloane Coffin, Jr.: the correlation between spiritual and social revolution in our time, John Wesley Heister Jr.

The Afro-American And The Immigrant, 1880-1930: A Study Of Black Social Thought, David Johns Hellwig

Regional Accommodation In Southeast Asia: A Study Of Attitudinal Compatibility And Distance, Llewellyn Donald Howell Jr.

An Investigation Into The Influence Of Ramistic Rhetoric On The Rhetorical Expression Of Shakespeare's Comic Heroines, Daniel Joseph Lavista

Maxfield Parrish: His Life And Work, Coy Lee Ludwig

The Fate Of The Confucian Ideal In "Readings" Textbooks Of Taiwan And The China Mainland: A Study Of Continuity And Change, Margaret v. Gibbons Nutting

Applications Of B-Spline Approximation To Geometric Problems Of Computer-Aided Design, Richard Franklin Riesenfeld

Construction of (v,k,[lambda])-configurations using a Nonenumerative Search Technique, Donald Philip Shaver

Selected Topics In High-Energy Particle Physics, Cassio Sigaud Filho

Synthesis Of 1-Fluoro-3-Hydroxyacetone Phosphate And Its Effects On Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Joan Lee Basloe Silverman

The Development Of Computer Programming Concepts And Problem-Solving Abilities Among Ten-Year-Olds Learning Logo, Joyce Ann Statz

The Muslim Armed Struggle In The Philippines, 1900-1941, Samuel Kong Tan

Problems In Null-Plane Quantum Electrodynamics, James Harold Ten Eyck Jr.

Toward A Paradigm Of Future Public Administration: A Delphi Exercise Aimed At Defining The Scope And Methods Of Public Administration From 1973-1990, Emanuel Wald

Genesis And Bond Relocation Of The Cyclononatetraenyl Cation And Related Compounds, Emel Yakali


Models and Mechanisms for the Pyridine Nucleotides, Frederick H. Batzold

The Job Satisfactions of Black School Administrators, Maurita Miles Billups

William Fitzwilliam Owen: Hydrographer of the African Coast, 1774-1857, Robert Thomas Brown

Ethnicity and Class in the Structure of Philippine Cities, Daniel Frederick Doeppers

N-Substituted Azonines, Spencer William Eachus

An Investigation of Tolerance for Ambiguity and Attitudes toward the Disabled under Conditions of Variated Stimulus and Situational Ambiguity, Judith Ann Galbreath

The Investigation of Changes in Self-Concept, Social Self-Esteem, and Academic Self-Responsibility of Emotionally Disturbed Boys Who Participate In Open-Ended Classroom Meetings, Barry Herbert Glick

A Study of the Effects of Open Ended Classroom Meetings on Social and Academic Self-Concept and Internal Responsibility for Academic Successes and Failures, In A Group of Fourth-Grade Elementary School Pupils, Frank E. Grant

A Readership Survey of "Taliba," A Philippine Newspaper, Artemio Ramos Guillermo

The Bene Israel of India: Politics, Religion, and Systemic Change, Carl Mark Gussin

Faith and Freedom in Christian Utopia: An Analysis of the Thought of John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida Community, Norman Walter Haight

Fertility Control Policy in the Dominican Republic, Frank Arthur Hale

American Museums, 1932-1965: A Test Case for the Comparative Analysis of Organizations, Kieth Roberts Johnson

Personal Identity in Jonathan Edwards, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Alfred North Whitehead, Jerome Francis Keating

The Photochemical Rearrangements of 4-Cyclopropyl-4-Phenylcyclohexenone and the Corresponding Dienone, David Williams Kurtz

Molecular Reorganizations and Cycloadditions, Richard Michael Lazarus

An Historical Investigation Of, And a Visual Supplement To, the Educational Innovations of the Chautauqua Institution in the Late Nineteenth-Century, John Philip Malcolm

The Problem, Meaning and Function of 'Transcendence' In a Social Ethic with Particular Reference to the Social Ethics of John Dewey and Reinholdniebuhr, Ronald Burton Mayers

Reynolds and Wordsworth on Imagination: A Comparative Study, Charles William Moore

Development and Application of a Multivariate Logistic Latent Trait Model, Mark Daniel Reckase

A History of United States - Argentine Commercial Relations, 1918-1933: A Study of Competitive Farm Economies, Dana Royden Sweet

An Analysis of Factors That Are Assumed To Influence Acculturation and Assimilation of Tribal Minorities in Northern Thailand, Raymond F. Tirrell

Local-Central Linkages and Political Development in Botswana, Richard Vengroff

Culture and Conversion: An Analytical Study of the Interaction between Western Theology and Eastern Culture through the Christian Missions in the Indian Sub-Continent, Kothapalli Wilson

Solid-Liquid Suspension Flow in Horizontal Pipes, Tran Fu Yuan


The Polish Peasants: Change And Continuity In The Postwar Era, Walter Cleaveland Bisselle

Nonclassical Influences In Substituted Benzonorbornadienes, David Verne Braddon

A Predictive Model Of Human Relevance Decisions, Kenneth Harold Cook

A Study Of John Webster's Use Of Renaissance Natural And Moral Philosophy, William Guenther Dwyer

Kikuyu Kinship Interaction: A Rural-Urban Comparison, Gary Paul Ferraro

New towns in the United States: suburban enclaves or balanced communities?, Margaret Eckel Goertz

A Foundation For Internationalism: The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, 1931-1941, John Frank Greco

Decision-making on the A-7 Attack Aircraft Program, Richard Glenn Head

The Effect Of Modes Of Presentation And Anxiety Levels On Individual Participant Achievement In An Educational Game, Wesley Joseph McJulien

Aristotle's 'Poetics' Read As A Reply To The Platonic Indictment Of Poetry, James Francis O'leary

The Apache Continuum: An Analysis Of Continuity Through Change In San Carlos Apache Culture And Society, Richard John Perry

Use Of The Cloze Procedure To Develop Comprehension Skill In The Intermediate Grades, Peter Rynders

Farms And Farmers In An Estanciero World -- 1856-1914: Origin And Spread Of Commercial Grain Farming On The Humid Pampa -- With Emphasis On Santa Fe Province, Rolf Sternberg

The cloister of San Pedro in Soria, Ann S. Zielinski


Catholics in Maine: a social geography, James Paul Allen

Submarine disarmament: 1919-1936, Lawrence Henry Douglas,

The photochemistry of 4,4-dicyclopropylcyclohexenone and dienone, Gerald Walter Jones

The relationships between qualifications and attitudes in a teacher selection situation, Daniel Lance Merritt

The gypsies: an international community of wandering thieves, David Wayne, Pickett

Thomas cole: a case study of the painter-poet theory of art in American painting from 1825-1850, John C. Riordan

The symbolic imagination of American Puritanism: metaphors for the invisible world, Stanford Jay Jr. Searl

Thermal instability and heat transport of a layer of non-newtonian fluid, Huh Sheng Tsuei


The Amount and Effect of Recreational Reading in Selected Fifth Grade Classes, Donald J. Bissett

The Reaction of 1-Alkyl-3-Substituted Pyridinium Salts with Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide, Douglas Walter Bristol

Biomass Turnover, Energy Balance, and Interpopulation Variation in the Stream Limpet, Ferrissia Rivularis (Say), With Special Reference to Respiration, Growth, and Fecundity, Albert John Burky

A Study of Teacher Experience, Knowledge of and Attitude toward Mathematics and the Relationship of These Variables to Elementary School Pupils' Attitudes toward and Achievement in Mathematics, John Francis Caezza

Continuity and Change in Dalat Plu: A Chinese Middle Class Business Community in Thailand, Chester F. Galaska

The Eximeno-Martini Polemic, Sylvester John Ionta