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On the aminomethylations of thiols, selenols, and sulfinic acids and the reactions of grignard reagents with (S,N)-acetals, Ithamar Ephraim Pollak

The East African airlifts of 1959, 1960, and 1961, Mansfield Irving Smith


On some aspects of the Arens-Hoffman extension of Banach algebras, David Theodore Brown

Pressure from the left: the American Labor Party, 1936-195, Robert Frederick Carter

Elasticity solution for the profiles of rolls in four-high mills to achieve uniform contact load distribution, Mathew K. Chakko

The political career of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: a study of the public conscience, Robert John Cooke

Venetian diplomacy and the treaty of Carlowitz, 1698-1699, Joseph Anthony Dellagrotte

A study of cavities and waveguides containing anisotropic media, Radha Raman Gupta

The electrostatic and covolume contributions to the mean ionic activity coefficients of concentrated aqueous 1: 1 electrolytes at 25 degrees c, Reino William Hakala

Joseph F. Guffey, New Deal politician from Pennsylvania, Charles Eugene Halt

Catastrophic expense health insurance--a study of proposed legislation in New York state, Paul Tafler


An examination of the emergence, development and current state of urban land use theory, Lewis Lattin Bower

The formative years of the United States Military Academy, 1775-1833, Edgar Denton III

The reaction of triphenylphosphine dihalides with alcohols, Robert Lenard Hershkowitz

A study of the controversy in Congregationalism over merger with the Evangelical and Reformed church, Alan Bowe Peabody

The reaction between tributylphosphine dibromide and alcohol, Burton Maxwell Rein

John Witherspoon: his Scottish intellectual background, George Eugene Rich

B. Fay Mills: revivalist, social reformer and advocate of free religion, Nelson Daniel Wilhelm


Partisan positions on isolationism vs. Internationalism, 1918-1933, Harold Tiffany Butler

Nietzsche And Wagner: Their Relationship, Ronald Brian Casagrande

Recurrent melodic structures and libretto continuity in Mozart's 'Die Zauberfloete', Judith Alice Eckelmeyer

Ulysses s. Grant: the soldier as politician (1861 to 1868), Russell Francis Farnen Jr.

Improvisation In Contemporary Organ Playing, Philip Klepfer Gehring

A History Of The Armed Forces Of Chile From Independence To 1920, Tommie Junior Hillmon

Christian Science Committee On Publication: A Study Of Group And Press Interaction, Lee Zeunert Johnson

Politics Of Pollution: The Case Of Maine, James Wilson


The Pursuit of Equality: The Movement for First Class Citizenship among Negroes in Texas, 1920-1950, Melvin James Banks

A Comparative Analysis of European and American Elementary School Mathematics Textbook Programs, Mildred McCoy Dominy

An Information Theory for Time-Continuous Processes, Robert Yu Huang

Aspects of Child Rearing In Kainan, Japan (With) Appendix, Betty Bailey Lanham

Studies in the Genus, Typha: I. Metaxenia, Xenia, and Heterosis. II. Interspecific Hybridization and the Origin of Typha Glauca. III. Autecology, with Special Reference to the Role of Aerenchyma, Leland C. Marsh

John Webster's Imagery, Sanford Victor Sternlicht


Oswego in the French-English Struggle in North America, 1720--1760, Johnson Gaylord Cooper

The Chinese in Thailand against the Background of Chinese-Thai Relations, Charles Ryder Dibble

New York, New Yorkers, and the Two-Year-College Movement: A History of the Debate over Structure in Higher Education, Kenneth Thompson Doran

Pioneering In Conservation: A History of the Conservation Movement in New York State, 1865-1903, Marvin Wolf Kranz

Themes and Techniques in the Socially Oriented Cuban Novel: 1933-1952, Judith H. Lax


An investigation of the effectiveness of instruction designed to improve the reader's skill in using context clues to derive word meaning, Eugene Alexander Guarino

The preparation and properties of glucose-6-sulfate, Kenneth Balm Guiseley

The Kurdish Nationalist Movement: its origins and development, Wadie Jwaideh

An annotated edition of Henry David Thoreau's 'Walden.', David Gordon Rohman

C. K. McClatchy and 'the Sacramento Bee,' 1883-1936, Bernard A. Shepard


The Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood, William Debbins

The Regulation of Child Labor in New York State, 1886-1942, With Emphasisupon the Work of the New York Child Labor Committee, Jeremy Pollard Felt

Sam Jong Dong: A South Korean Village, Eugene Irving Knez

Faith and Reason in the Thought of St. Augustine, Gordon Russell Lewis

The Suppression of Dissent during the Civil War and World War I, Lloyd Dean Sprague


A Study of the Stereochemistry of Displacement Reactions in 1,3-Diols Anddibromides and Of Additions to Dimethylcyclopropanes and 3,1,0-Bicyclohexane, Hillard Warren Pouncy Jr.

A Quantitative Investigation of Judgments Concerning Some Variables of Stuttering Phenomena in Children, Elliott J. Schaffer

The Synthesis of Some New Alkyland Arylaminoalkyl Aryl Sulfides, Robert Eben Schaffrath

A Pacifist Community in Peacetime: An Introductory Description of the Woodcrest Bruderhof at Rifton, New York, David Stanley Tillson


A Study on the Synthesis of Fluorine-Containing Gamma-Aminoalcohols and Beta-Aminoketones, Siegfried Aftergut

Modern Critics and Romantic Sensibility: A Study of the Romanticism of the New Criticism, Richard Jackson Foster

The Surficial Geology of the Southeastern Segment of the Lake Ontario Plain, New York, Russell F. Kaiser


The European Coal And Steel Community: An Evaluation Of Achievements And Future Prospects, Agatino John Giunta

A Study Of William Henry Seward, Reformer, Wayne Reynolds Merrick

Search For Delayed Neutrons From Nuclear Interactions Due To Cosmic Rays, Irving Nadelhaft

The R.A. Smith Milling Company, 1889-1955: A case study of the entrepreneur and a small family business, Alfred Eugene Pierce

Analysis And Design Of Ceramic Transformers And Filter Elements, Charles Abraham Rosen

Socialization In A Papago Indian Village, Thomas Rhys Williams


Joseph Smith, Social Philosopher, Theorist, and Prophet, Hyrum Leslie Andrus

The Political Influence of Joseph Ellicott in Western New York, 1800-1821, William Chazanof

The Reaction of Para-Xylene and Maleic-Anhydride In The Presence Of Aluminum-Chloride, Joseph Wilfred Collins

Political Development of Vietnam, VJ-Day to the Geneva Cease-Fire: Volume I: the Viet-Minh Regime. Volume II: State of Vietnam. Volume III: International Aspects of the Vietnam Problem, Bernard B. Fall

Resale Price Maintenance, 1940-1950, Hilda Chiarulli Smith

An Experimental Comparison of Two Liberal Arts Courses in General Mathematics at Syracuse University, Roland Frederick Smith


A study of the Parliament of Paris and the other parliaments of France, Jane M. Bancroft