Support services for many Autistic students in schools is critical. Behavior analysts are one type of service provider who offer support services in and outside of school settings to Autistic students. As behavioral support services are increasing in educational settings, it is important to ensure there are a sufficient number of professionals trained to provide high quality and compassionate support. However, there may not be enough state licensed providers to meet the growing need of students across the state of New York (NY). The supply of state licensed behavior analysts (LBAs) was calculated for the state of NY, its six regions, and its 62 individual counties to assess the shortage of providers. County level public data were used to compare the per capita supply of LBAs using caseload guidelines. The supply of LBAs did not meet the supply benchmark at the aggregate level or in any of the state’s six regions. Only four of the state's 62 counties met the LBA supply benchmark. Shortages of service providers limit accessibility to support services and high caseloads can impact service quality. Suggestions for changes that may increase accessibility to behavior analytic supports and services in NY to those seeking services are discussed.



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