Shu J. Chen-Worley: 0000-0001-6820-0787




This study examined teachers' perceptions on language acquisition and education practice for English Language Learners (ELLs) to further address the disproportionality concern in education and identify the areas of training needs for classroom teachers as education renovation. A total of 222 participants voluntarily participated in this study. A Mixed Methods approach was used to conduct the study and analyze the data. The results showed that most participants did not have formal training in second language (L2) or learning experience but they had already taught ELLs. Working with ELLs and their parents was considered challenging for five common reasons. Language barriers and cultural differences represented the most challenge. There was also an overall deficit view toward ELLs’ language difficulties. Special education or ELL self-contained classrooms were thus regarded as most beneficial for ELLs. Additionally, despite their belief that there is a critical period for language development due to the fact that children pick up language faster than adults, most participants considered translation important in assisting young ELLs to acquire language. Drawing from the findings, the study concluded areas of teacher training and recommended further studies.



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