Ana De Jesús: 0000-0002-6304-5527

Alesia Mickle Moldavan: 0000-0001-7946-9028




This book review of Going Gradeless, Grades 6–12: Shifting the Focus to Student Learning by E. Burns and D. Frangiosa (2021) provides an alternative pedagogical method to assessment that uses a “gradeless” approach to learning for purposes of removing the stress and negative impacts of traditional grading practices while maintaining accountability with equity in mind. In this review, we describe the foundational underpinnings that frame the book and summarize some of the observed benefits as well as challenges faced by the authors who implemented this approach. We provide an overview of the chapters situated in four major takeaways guiding this work: (a) rethinking meaningful assessment, (b) fitting a new gradeless approach into a traditional framework, (c) giving student choice to promote student-centered learning, and (d) strengthening curriculum planning with learning progression checkpoints. This book offers educators and school leaders a practical guide to alternative assessment practices for purposes of improving academic achievement while supporting students’ diverse needs.



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