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Addressing Trans-boundary Challenges Through Collaboration: How Organizations "Harmonize" Actions and Decisions Across Problem Landscapes, Rachel Fleishman

Applying Curricular Filters: A Qualitative Study of High School Visual Art Teacher Perspectives and Practice of Visual Culture Art Education in the Art Classroom, Kristin A. Goble

Quantifying groundwater-surface water interactions to improve the outcomes of human activities, Ryan Parish Gordon

In Search of a Single Voice: The Politics of Form, Use and Belief in the Kernewek Language, Jesse Owen Harasta

Education on the Underground Railroad: A Case Study of Three Communities in New York State (1820-1870), Lenora April Harris

Strengths and Risk Factors for Romantic Relationships: Perspectives of African American Women, Chandice M. Haste-Jackson

A Subcontinent's Sunni Schism: The Deobandi-Barelvi Rivalry and the Creation of Modern South Asia, William Kesler Jackson

Optimized Integration of Electric Vehicles into Smart Grid, Chenrui Jin

Predictors of Postsecondary Education Attendance for Youth with Learning Disabilities, Jennifer Lorene Koehler

Thermal and photochemical reactions of large metallaborane clusters and functionalizations of boron nitride nanosheets, Pei Ma

Feeling in Character: Towards an Ethics of Emotion, John Monteleone

Analysis of Waveguides Filled with Uniaxial Media and Metamaterials for Filter Applications using the Mode Matching Method, Luke Murphy

Centralizing Ambiguity: Simone de Beauvoir and a Twenty-First Century Ethics, Kristen Oganowski

A Blueprint for Kindergarteners' Educational Trajectories: The Power of Discursive Practices in Constructing Students' Stories Based on Behaviors, Fernanda Tebexreni Orsati

Precision measurement of the Lambda_b baryon lifetime, Bilas Kanti Pal

The Solid State Simulation of the Structure and Vibrational Modes of Organic, Hybrid Organometallic and Inorganic Species Using the CRYSTAL09 Code., Steven Pellizzeri

Biogeochemical Modeling of the Response of Forest Watersheds in the Northeastern U.S. to Future Climate Change, Afshin Pourmokhtarian

The Conceptions and Practices of Motherhood among Indo-Caribbean immigrant mothers in the United States: A Qualitative Study, Darshini T. Roopnarine

Development of Pd Catalyzed Amidations & Applications to the Synthesis of Heterocycles, Adam Jason Rosenberg

I Ain't Do Nothing: The Social and Academic Experiences of Black Males in a Dismantled School, Don Sawyer

Character Education In and Out of the Classroom: Black Women Middle School Educators Share their Views on Media Images of Black, Linita Shannon

The Role of Ethical Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Perception of Corporate Hypocrisy, the Intention of Opinioned Communication and Behavior toward a Firm, KyuJin Shim

Déjà Viewed: Nation, Gender, and Genre in Bollywood Remakes of Hollywood Cinema, Gohar Siddiqui

Putting the Ghost Back in the Machine: A Defense of Common Sense Dualism, Matthew Andrew Skene

Design and Synthesis of Solid State Materials Constructed from Transition Metals and Diphosphonate or Organoarsonate Ligands, Tiffany Marie Smith

Experimental Investigation of the Active Flow Control on a Two-Dimensional Wind Turbine Airfoil, Guannan Wang

A Decent Place to Stay: Housing Crises, Failed Laws, and Property Conflicts in Washington, D.C, Katie Jeanne Wells


Polysaccharide-Based Nanocarriers for Improved Drug Delivery, Nan Zhang

Filter-based multiscale entropy analysis of complex physiological time series, Liang Zhao

Retrieval of Free Space Radiation Patterns through Measured Data in a Non-Anechoic Environment, Weixin Zhao


Political fever: The democratic societies and the crisis of republican governance in 1790s America, Michelle Orihel


“Consolidating the New Position (1938-1940)”: A Study of the Tenure of Robert H. Jackson: March 5, 1938 to January 18, 1940, Nicholas John Stamato


Polarization modulation interferometry and vibrational circular dichroism of amino alcohols, Narayan Ragunathan

Brockport, New York: A Narrative of That Place (and the Place of this Narrative), Jonathan Mark Smith