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Distributed Estimation and Performance Limits in Resource-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks, YUJIAO ZHENG

Developing Critical Loads and Dynamic Critical Loads for Acidification for Watersheds in the Adirondack region of New York and Great Smoky Mountain National Park (GRSM), Qingtao Zhou


Irreconcilable Mourning: Inheritance, Redemption, and the Critique of History, Jill Petersen Adams

Investigating the Role of Quantum Dot Morphology and Microstructure in Resonance Energy Transfer, Rabeka Alam

DNA-Capped Gold Nanoparticles as Intercalative Anticancer Drug Delivery Vehicles, Colleen Marie Alexander

The Effect of Public Policy on Health Service Providers, Marier Allison

Toward Computationally Lightweight Stationary and Mobile Computer Vision-based Traffic Surveillance for Assistive Devices in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Akhan Almagambetov

Rights in Transit: Public Transportation and the "Right to the City" in California's East Bay, Kafui Ablode Attoh

Gender Regimes in Finance: The Social Organization of Money Work, Megan Bahns

Power, Likeability, and Perception: Evaluating Men and Women in High and Low Power Positions, Daria A. Bakina

Landscaping India: From Colony to Postcolony, Sandeep Banerjee

Cell Mechanics: From Cytoskeletal Dynamics to Tissue-Scale Mechanical Phenomena, Shiladitya Banerjee

Influences to Post-graduation Career Aspirations and Attainment in STEM Doctoral Candidates and Recipients, Deborah Barry

Race, Class, Risk and Trust: Risk Communication in Post-Katrina New Orleans, Bruno F. Battistoli

Taking Nonprofits at Their Word: The Role of Conflict over Mission in Organizational Change and Response to Environmental Pressures, David Gregory Berlan

"From the American People": Aid, Counterinsurgency, and the U.S. National Security State in Palestine, Lisa Bhungalia

A Theory of ICT User Types: Exploring Domestication and Meaning of ICTS through Comparative Case Studies, Johanna L. H. Birkland

Deposition and Fate of Atmospheric Mercury in Forested Landscapes of the Adirondack Park, NY, Bradley Blackwell

VERDICTS: Visual Exploratory Requirements Discovery and Injection for Comprehension and Testing of Software, Sefik Kanat Bolazar

Measurement of the CP Violating Asymmetry a^s_sl using Bs0->(Ds->phi pi) mu nu, Alessandra Borgia

Edgeware Security Risk Management: A Three Essay Thesis on Cloud, Virtualization and Wireless Grid Vulnerabilities, Tyson Brooks

Particle Physics in the LHC Era, Don Bunk

Knowing How: An Empirical, Functionalist Approach, David Joseph Bzdak

Essays on the Impact of State Policies on Mortgage Finance, Qianqian Cao

Adolescent Personality, Confucian Values, Parenting Typologies and Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes: A Study in South Korea, Yo Ok Chang

Peripheral Knowledge: The Witch, the Magus, and the Mountebank on the Early Modern Stage, Rinku Chatterjee

Using Ontology-Based Approaches to Representing Speech Transcripts for Automated Speech Scoring, Miao Chen

Development of an Integrated Process, Modeling and Simulation Platform for Performance-Based Design of Low-Energy and High IEQ Buildings, Yixing Chen

Differential Effectiveness of Sitting Meditation Program and Movement Meditation Program in Reducing College Students' Cognitive and Somatic Trait Anxiety, Sanghyeon Cheon

Structure, Rheology and Optical Properties of Plasmonic Fluids, Tao Cong

"Being Grown": How Adolescent Girls with Disabilities Narrate Self-Determination and Transitions, Danielle Cowley

Silence Is Golden: Older Women's Voices and The Analysis Of Meaning Among Survivor's Of Domestic Violence, Virginia Lee Cronin

What to do about Newfoundland? Colonial Reconstruction and the Commission of Government, 1933-1941, Declan Cullen

For Logs, For Traditional Purposes and For Food: Identification of Multiple-Use Plant Species of Northern Amazonia and an Assessment of Factors Associated with Their Distribution, Anthony Ravindra Cummings

Essays on Agglomeration, Homeownership, and Labor Market Outcomes, Jie Dai

Determinants of political transnationalism among Vietnamese Americans in the United States, Saheli Datta

Essays on Estimation and Inference for Spatial Economic Models, Ying Deng

Thermodynamic and Structural Characterization of the Interaction between Wd40 Repeat Containing Protein 5 (Wdr5) and Human Set1 Family Methyltransferases, Venkat Dharmarajan

Holomorphic Fundamental Semigroup of Riemann Domains, Dayal Buddhika Dharmasena

The Impact of Cultural Assumptions about Technology on Choctaw Heritage Preservation and Sharing, Jake A. Dolezal

Toward Understanding "Teaching in the Making:" Explaining Instructional Decision Making by Analyzing a Geology Instructor's Use of Metaphors, Glenn Robert Dolphin

Parents' Perspectives on the Literacy Instruction Received by their Children with Intellectual Disabilities, Michelle A. Duffy

Methods of Nonparametric Multivariate Ranking and Selection, Jeremy Entner

"We're Still Here!": The Rhetorical Education of the Prince Edward County Free School Association, 1963-1964, Rebecca Candace Epps-Robertson

Experimental and Analytical Investigation of the Transient Thermal Response of Air Cooled Data Centers, Hamza Salih Erden

Health Consequences of Sexual Hookups for First-Year College Women: A One-Year Prospective Investigation, Robyn Leanne Fielder

Recombinant Expression, Purification, and Characterization of an HIV-1 Tat-Human Cyclin T1 Chimera, Collin Lesley Fischer

The Public Library as Health Information Resource?, Mary Grace Flaherty

Addressing Trans-boundary Challenges Through Collaboration: How Organizations "Harmonize" Actions and Decisions Across Problem Landscapes, Rachel Fleishman

The Other Side of Girls Gone Wild: The Emotional Labor of College Women's Sexual Decision-Making, Leah A. Flynn

Adaptation to Membrane Stress in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Identification of Novel Proteins and Mechanisms, Gary Fred Franke

A New Field of Dreams: A Study of the Writing Major, T J Geiger

(re)Constructing a Landmark: A Rhetorical Analysis of Brown v Board of Education at Fifty, Christine A. Geyet

The Impact of Schadenfreude as an Emotional Frame in Crisis Communications on Perception of Corporate Reputation, Kristi Gilmore

Applying Curricular Filters: A Qualitative Study of High School Visual Art Teacher Perspectives and Practice of Visual Culture Art Education in the Art Classroom, Kristin A. Goble

Argon and Neon Diffusion in Lunar Impact Glass & The Development of the Electron Microprobe Zircon Fission-Track Dating Technique, David Gombosi

Quantifying groundwater-surface water interactions to improve the outcomes of human activities, Ryan Parish Gordon

Essays on New Venture Diversification, David Michael Gras

"My pedagogy is where so much of my feminism happens": The Social Organization of Feminist Educators' Work in the Corporatizing Academy, Glenda Gross

Characterization of Genetic Elements of Arabidopsis Thaliana Involved In Defense Responses against Bacterial Pathogen Pseudomonas Syringae, Pallavi Gupta

Coming Home: Mobile Women, Non-Linear Temporalities, South Asian Diasporic Texts, Soumitree Gupta

In Search of a Single Voice: The Politics of Form, Use and Belief in the Kernewek Language, Jesse Owen Harasta

Education on the Underground Railroad: A Case Study of Three Communities in New York State (1820-1870), Lenora April Harris

Strengths and Risk Factors for Romantic Relationships: Perspectives of African American Women, Chandice M. Haste-Jackson

Reading and Test Taking in College English as a Second Language Students, Kaitlin Mei Hendricks

Structure and Accretion at Mid-Ocean Ridges With High Magma Supply: Perspectives From Seafloor Escarpments and Iceland, Andrew Jay Horst

Rank Based Anomaly Detection Algorithms, Huaming Huang

An Investigation of Digital Reference Interviews: A Dialogue Act Approach, Keisuke Inoue

A Subcontinent's Sunni Schism: The Deobandi-Barelvi Rivalry and the Creation of Modern South Asia, William Kesler Jackson

A Subcontinent's Sunni Schism: The Deobandi-Barelvi Rivalry and the Creation of Modern South Asia, William Kesler Jackson

The Development of Introductory Statistics Students' Informal Inferential Reasoning and Its Relationship to Formal Inferential Reasoning, Bridgette Lynn Jacob

Improving Bioactivity and the Anti-Bacterial Properties of Two-Solution Bone Cement Containing Cross-Linked Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Nanospheres (η-TSBC), Shailly Jariwala

First Leptonic Probe of Neutron Radii in Lead at Low-Q2, Chun-Min Jen

Optimized Integration of Electric Vehicles into Smart Grid, Chenrui Jin

Collaborative Estimation in Distributed Sensor Networks, Swarnendu Kar

Entrepreneurship as a Process of Self-Fulfillment: Well-Being, Affect, and Behavioral Strategies, Shoko Kato

Influences of Product Concept Demonstrations in Trade Shows: Two Essays, Taewan Kim

Institutional and Individual Influences on Scientists' Data Sharing Behaviors, Youngseek Kim

Predictors of Postsecondary Education Attendance for Youth with Learning Disabilities, Jennifer Lorene Koehler

Crossing from Hearing to Deaf Worlds: Hearing Border Crossers as Participatory Designers in Healthcare Instruction, Yin Wah Brenda Kreher

The Struggle for Power and Pay: Implications of Board of Directors' Power on Monitoring Effectiveness and Pay for Performance Sensitivity, Mariana Judith Lebron

A Relationship between Course-level Implementation of First Principles of Instruction and Cognitive Engagement: A Multilevel Analysis, Sunghye Lee

Identification of a target using its natural poles using both frequency and time domain response, Woojin Lee

The Piratical Ethos: Textual Activity and Intellectual Property in Digital Environments, Justin A. Lewis

Essays on Agglomeration, Access To Medical Services, And the Real Estate Market, Jing Li

Whose Streets? Our Streets!: Identity, Institutions, and Privilege in Student Activism, Christina Limpert

Achieving Justice Through Public Participation: Measuring the Effectiveness of New York's Enhanced Public Participation Plan for Environmental Justice Communities, Alma L. Lowry

The British Occupation of Southern New York during the American Revolution and the Failure to Restore Civilian Government, Frank Paul Mann

Thermal and photochemical reactions of large metallaborane clusters and functionalizations of boron nitride nanosheets, Pei Ma

Towards a Revisionist Account of Moral Responsibility, Kelly Anne McCormick

Social Technologies and Informal Knowledge Sharing within and across Organizations, Jarrahi Mohammad Hosein

Feeling in Character: Towards an Ethics of Emotion, John Monteleone

Essays on Academic Achievement and Student Behavior in Public Schools, Wael Soheil Moussa

Analysis of Waveguides Filled with Uniaxial Media and Metamaterials for Filter Applications using the Mode Matching Method, Luke Murphy

Molecular Sensing with Protein and Solid-State Nanopores, David John Niedzwiecki

Estate by Estate: The Landscape of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion, Holly Kathryn Norton

Exploring the Use of Electronic Mobile Technologies among Distance Learners in Rural Communities for Safe and Disruptive Learning, Gomang Seratwa Ntloedibe-Kuswani

Centralizing Ambiguity: Simone de Beauvoir and a Twenty-First Century Ethics, Kristen Oganowski

A Blueprint for Kindergarteners' Educational Trajectories: The Power of Discursive Practices in Constructing Students' Stories Based on Behaviors, Fernanda Tebexreni Orsati

Feminisms at the Door: Gender and Sex at a Women's College, Susan Chappell Overton