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The aim of this poster is to evaluate the control strategies of Brucellosis diseases in Albania and to highlight specific challenges that Albania faces with the management of this disease.Brucellosis is a neglected zoonotic disease caused by a type of bacteria called Brucella spp. that affects approximately 500,000 humans annually.[����] It affects various animals, including big and small ruminants, swine, and dogs. The bacteria can be transmitted through direct contact with infected animals, consuming contaminated raw animal products, inhaling airborne agents.[����] Even though it has rarely been reported (in humans) it can also be transmitted sexually or vertically (from mother to child during birth or breastfeeding).[����] This disease can be treated with antibiotics and is curable if addressed promptly, however, its intracellular nature allows the bacteria to survive inside cells, potentially leading to chronic infection if not properly treated.



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