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Ukraine, cultural heritage, digital preservation, Wikidata




Library and Information Science


This presentation was delivered at the LD4 virtual conference, 11 July 2023.

As three volunteers for the non-profit Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO) initiative, we are applying Wikidata to many aspects of work supporting Ukrainian cultural heritage institutions. We will discuss three interconnected applications:

First, we will discuss the development of a Google Sheets list of Ukrainian cultural heritage institutions from Wikidata queries which enabled SUCHO to rapidly develop a working inventory of institutions whose websites needed emergency archiving, and which continued to grow throughout the year and inform SUCHO’s developing activities.

Then, we will discuss the development of a Baserow instance to transform that data into a dataset describing the collection of web-scraped cultural heritage websites SUCHO has created over the past year. This information will enable both volunteers with SUCHO and users interacting with the web-archived sites to search the large number of files, enabling better research and preservation activity.

Finally, we will discuss the cleaning of data exported from Wikidata queries and the challenges of ingesting augmented data back to Wikidata, both from a syntactic standpoint as it relates to customized data needed by SUCHO and the ethical concerns of revealing new data to bad actors during wartime as the conflict continues to develop.

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The YouTube recording of the session delivered at LD4 on 11 July 2023 is included as an embed; the associated slides in PPT format are available under the "Download" option in the top right.



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