Date of Award


Degree Type


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Marriage and Family Therapy


Linda Stone Fish


African American community, Coming out, Family, Parents, Queer, Youth

Subject Categories

African American Studies


Although it is commonly acknowledged that homophobia and racial marginalization influence queer African American male youth, there is very little research to back up this belief. Due to the paucity of information for clinicians, families, and communities on the relational dynamics of queer African American male youth and their parents, queer African American male youth were interviewed to explore the ways in which they understand their experience of the disclosure process, paying particular attention to the interface between race and sexual orientation and relational dynamics. This exploratory, qualitative study examined data gathered in interviews with individual male youth that identified themselves as African American and queer. Eleven participants were interviewed in semi-structured interviews for the purpose of exploring participant's experience of the disclosure process with specific emphasis on their racial identity. Data analysis revealed essential structures which underlay the interpersonal and intrapersonal disclosure experience. In addition, a preliminary stage model, including pre-disclosure, disclosure and experience after disclosure was found. Implications for clinicians working with queer, African American male youth and their families are discussed as are suggestions for future research.


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