Starting in the summer of 2015, the IVMF research team took a first step to build a database of more than 70 veteran-serving organizational networks, collaborative initiatives, and higher education institutions active in veteran and military family research. This working paper officially lauches the project and summarizes preliminary data collection efforts, observations, and plans to develop the database into a public resource. Given the evolving and fluid nature of collaborative activities across the country, we aim for the database to serve as a ‘living tool’ that (1) facilitates learning and the diffusion of best practices between veteran and military family serving organizations and (2) informs future social science research on public sector collaboration, public-private partnerships, and network structure and governance on vexing policy challenges that span both agency and sector boundaries.

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Database, Veterans, Military families, Observations


Families of military personnel; Veterans


Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University






We extend our deepest thanks to all who have supported this emerging project (to date) for their constructive feedback, recommendations, and openness to helping us learn more about their important work serving veterans and military families. We thank IVMF’s Jim McDonough, Beth Kubala, and Jeff Cleland as well as our Accenture teammates, Maggie Pollard and Sarah Ahmadi, who continue to provide trusted advice throughout the project. IVMF’s Joe Torok and Ishani Jariwala have provided valuable support to our database construction. Special thanks to Kathy Cox at the Walmart Foundation and Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth at Purdue University’s Military Family Research Institute for thier trusted feedback on earlier versions of this draft. We are also grateful to the following community-based leaders who took time to share insights with us about their organization and collaborative efforts: David Albright, Alex Archawski, Blake Bourne, Max Burke, Mary Davis, Jessica Fughs, James Gilman, Sarah Himan, Pam Hays, Bill Koch, Jim Lyall, Angela McConnell, Dan Reilly, Nathaniel Saltz, Richard Schiffauer, Carla Tanner, and Nicola Winkel.

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