Diana Taylor, New York University

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Imagining America


Arts and Humanities


Diana Taylor, university professor and professor of Performance Studies and Spanish, New York University, provides a rich entry point into complex questions about digital media and its implications for scholarly practice. Drawing on her experience with the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, a multinational collaboration of artists and scholars grounded in an on-line archive of performance work across the Americas, Taylor insists that we need to imagine communities that are not only local or national and publics that are not exclusive to the present. Attending to the ways in which digital innovations inflect earlier technologies for creating and transmitting knowledge, she invites us to reconsider our practices of public scholarship as they move through the epistemes of embodied performance, archival preservation, and digital circulation. Taylor’s essay is an inquiry into the intersections of existing and emerging media technologies, the linkages between practices of public and digital scholarship, and the temporal and spatial scales through which we understand the communities we engage through our research, teaching, and activism. This Foreseeable Future was drawn on the 2010 conference keynote.

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