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This document is part of an ongoing cycle of writing and comment designed to help us imagine forward into the work of the new Scholarship and Tenure Policy Research Group (TTI-RG). Here we aim to set a tone, to create an ethos, and to begin to craft a shared language for participants. Our process, therefore, both models and seeks to inform the processes of policy change.

We want to set before the Fellows a more precise framing of our principles and purposes. If the initial dialogues among the Fellows and organizational partners can establish agreement on the larger purposes and guiding concepts of our work, we will do a better job of establishing the impact of IA's Tenure Team Initiative on Public Scholarship (TTI), and our subsequent recommendations will carry more force.

We report here on the groundwork that we have been preparing since the planning for the Research Group, initially categorized as a TTI-RG, began in October 2010. We suggest principles and strategies that, refined through further conversation, should guide the research. Above all, we propose that the TTI-RG assess faculty rewards systems as dynamic elements in the larger set of co-dependent relationships among (1) diverse, engaged student bodies; (2) diverse, engaged faculties; and (3) diverse, engaged communities.

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