Naresh Vissa

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2011

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A. Randall Wenner

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Michael Cremedas

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Broadcast and Digital Journalism

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Public Communications

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Won Capstone Funding


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This dissertation takes the form of an eleven-part podcast series titled, “A Self-Help Guide to Future Success.” The radio series relates to the topic of personal success.

Success comes in all sorts of forms – financial, social, ethical, personal: it cannot be defined. In today’s environment, people find themselves confused more than ever before.

As a senior in college who is about to graduate in less than four weeks, I find it mind-boggling how little students have thought about their futures. Furthermore, it is a shame that so many people fail to recognize the current society and conditions surrounding them.

Through this project, I share insight and give tips on how everyone – college students specifically – can get a leg up on competition and prepare themselves for their futures. Through the primary research of live interviews with famous experts, I am able to communicate this information in an effective manner.

The medium to execute this was primarily radio, and I used the Audacity technology software and telephone to conduct and edit the podcasts. After the edits, each interview lasted 12 to 15 minutes on average. There are one-page write-ups in my written dissertation to go with each podcast. I also put together a two-minute trailer/tease using the sound bites taken from the interviews. I incorporated my narration with cool sound effects. This is for marketing purposes.

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