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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-2017

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Sekou Cooke

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Carl Schramm

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Won Capstone Funding


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In his recent publication describing the evolution of the American campground, Martin Hogue explains: “this fundamental displacement—from the city to nature, from the indoors to outdoors—forms the basis of a defining experience.” Today, that displacement and distance has evolved into a disassociation between the experience of city and nature. However, the strategic pairing of architecture and policy can mend that disassociation to bridge the divide between city and nature that makes camping, or simply spending time outdoors, such a foreign concept to urban residents who have grown so accustomed to their urban setting.

This thesis proposes a destination for recreation and retreat on Plum Island, New York that references the model of the National and State Park Services and whose intended audience is primarily residents of New York City who are without the means or methods of easily seeking other experiences of nature outside the realm of city limits. The first step of this design process involves reexamining the traditional definition of “urban” to shorten the leap from the comforts of the city to the unknowns of nature. From there, the project identifies and resolves three challenges that stand between urban residents and retreat: proximity, equipment, and ownership.

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