Atsushi Kato

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Teacher wellbeing, Professional development, Self-efficacy


Japanese teachers do not have a good work-life balance, and do not have sufficient opportunities for their professional development. Because of this, they are unable to secure time for self-study, leading to a decline in self-efficacy and feelings of exhaustion, or in other words, a decline in wellbeing. In Japan, various measures have been taken of teachers’ work-life balance, professional development opportunities, self-study, and wellbeing. Measures have also been taken in the international context. In all locates, the findings have yet to be effective at improving these features. Another key to this research is that teacher wellbeing is closely related to self-efficacy ,and which is closely related to job professional development. Since this study requires an in-depth investigation of specific case studies, qualitative data from semi-structured interviews with 10 teachers will be analyzed using M-GTA. The study will provide a strategic model for relationship between teacher wellbeing and their professional development. This will not only contribute to the improvement of education both in Japan and in the US, with particular regards to enhancing intercultural learning and pedagogical approaches.


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Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State

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