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Summer 8-2019


Fulbright, European Immigration; Libya


In 2009 250 000 people applied for asylum in the 27 EU member states, with most people immigrating through Libya In 2010 the Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi offered to stop the illegal immigration if the European Union paid him five billion euros The deal did not go through Traynor 2010 Journey In order to reach to the coast and be on one of the boats sailing to Europe, migrants can spend months and even years on the way Searcy and Barry 2017 The Sahara has become a center for human smuggling. Migrants are handed from one point to another and face different kinds of horrors on their way to the coast. Death Boats In 2017 more than 132 000 immigrants and refugees have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe More than 2 300 drowned or went missing Searcy and Barry 2017 Residence Libya is not a member of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention People asking for asylum are detained for long period of time in very hard conditions Vandvik 2010 By April 2019 there were 57 192 registered refugees UNHCR 2019 Migrants deal with different kinds of discrimination. The ones whom are detained face bigger issues like being beaten and sexually abused.BBC ( Humanitarian Response UN Agencies have adopted programs like resettlements to Europe and voluntary returns By the end of 2018 UNHCR had evacuated 2 069 and the International Organization of Migration ( had assisted over 30 000 returns Human Rights Watch 2019 Other programs are implemented to support communities inside and outside the detention centers For example, cash assistance, protection services, and non food items are such programs The security vacuum followed the fall of Gaddafi’s regime in 2011 causing thousands of migrants and refugees to reach the Italian beaches to apply for asylum in different EU countries Searcy and Barry 2017


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