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A chapter in Innovations in Education Remote Teaching

This chapter examines the role of quality management in Ceibal en Inglés, which has grown in scope from the small-scale observations of teachers undertaken during the pilot phase of the project in 2012 (Banegas, 2013:181) into a complex quality management system, involving approximately 300 teachers, which is “coherent and comprehensive and the largest teacher observation, development and evaluation system the British Council has globally ... in which every remote teacher is observed and evaluated, as well as trained according to needs” (Knagg and Searle, 2016). The need for quality management in Ceibal en Inglés can be understood within the broader context of quality management, of managing teaching quality in education in general, and language education in particular. The challenges of establishing reliable quality criteria for lessons taught via videoconferencing will be outlined and data presented that shows how teaching quality has improved during the course of the project. Finally, recommendations will be shared for anyone interested in implementing a similar quality management system in other countries and contexts.


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I would first like to thank my colleagues at the British Council and to all of the educators at Plan Ceibal for the support and encouragement during the editing of this book.

Thank you to researchers Silvia Rovegno and Verónica Pintos and all of the other writers for their work on making what I believe to be an exciting contribution to ELT.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who participated in surveys and who generously took part in the case studies in this book.

Thank you also to the peer reviewers of the chapters: Paul Braddock, Roy Cross, Phil Dexter, Gail Ellis, Isabel Longres, Gary Motteram, Tim Phillips, Iveth Pompa, Mike Solly, Allan Taggart, and Maria Vergez.

Very special thanks from me go to Alison Devine, my colleague at the British Council, who kick-started this book and who peer reviewed all of the chapters and provided invaluable advice and support during the whole process.



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