This policy brief contains a formal consideration of ideas discussed during a presentation to the 2012 Syracuse Seminar on Aging. Like most briefs, it will appeal to policy makers and academics craving detailed demographic, fiscal and policy data. Before diving into this brief, I would encourage readers to view the presentation video (available at watch?v=bsv8K7DdJFY). As you will see, the seminar was informal and the discussion was wide ranging. In contrast, this brief focuses on limitations faced by states as they finance longterm care. It is primarily concerned with the Medicaid expansion and growing need for care as the post-World War II cohort reaches the age of frailty.

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Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center of Upstate New York, the Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute, and the Center for Policy Research


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Economics | Finance and Financial Management | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Health | Sociology | Urban Studies and Planning

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