Information for Authors

Manuscripts intended for Beads: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers should be prepared using the following guidelines and sent to the SBR Editor, Karlis Karklins (karlis4444@gmail).

1. Papers must be 1.2-spaced, justified left, with 1 in. margins. Submissions should not exceed 15,000 words including references cited and image captions.

2. All manuscripts must be prepared with the following internal organization and specifications:

a. First Page: place title and author’s name(s) at top of the page.

b. Abstract: an informative abstract of 150 words or less is to comprise the first paragraph.

c. Appendices: these should be avoided but if necessary, they should be placed before the Acknowledgements.

d. Acknowledgements: these are to be placed at the end of the article, before Endnotes and the References Cited section.

e. Endnotes: These should be used sparingly and are to be situated before the References Cited.

f. References Cited: these and in-text reference citations should follow the style of Historical Archaeology (Section VII).

g. Author’s Affiliation: place author’s name(s), affiliation, address, and email immediately following the references cited.

h. Tables: each table must have a short title at the top. Do not embed tables or illustrations in the body of the report.

i. Figure Captions: list the captions for both black & white and color illustrations sequentially on a separate page using Arabic numerals.

3. Number all pages consecutively from the title page through the References Cited and figure captions.

4. All headings should be situated three (3) spaces below the preceding text and flush with the left margin.

a. PRIMARY HEADINGS are to be capitalized and bold.

b. Secondary Headings are to be typed using bold upper and lower case letters.

c. Tertiary Headings are to be the same as the secondary headings with the addition of italics.

d. Quaternary Headings are to be in regular upper and lower case letters with the addition of italics.

5. Illustrations:

a. All illustrations should be of publishable quality, with sharp focus and good contrast, and submitted as high-resolution (300 dpi or higher) scans or digital images (.jpg or .tif files).

b. Images of objects, and maps, site plans, etc., should include a metric or metric/inch scale.

c. When several items are shown in a single frame, each object should be designated by a lower case letter, and the caption should include references to these letters.

d. Illustrations obtained from museums or other institutions, or from copyrighted publications or internet sites, must be accompanied by a letter from the appropriate institution or author granting permission to publish and indicating that reproduction fees, if any, have been paid.

6. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Advisory Committee. Articles of a specialized nature will also be reviewed by one or more persons who have expertise in the thematic content, cultural or geographical region, or time period dealt with in the manuscript.

7. If review remarks are such that substantial changes are required before a manuscript is acceptable for publication, the revised paper will be re-reviewed by the original reviewer prior to its final acceptance.

8. Manuscripts will be judged on the accuracy of their content, appropriateness for an international audience, usefulness to other researchers, and consistency with the research and ethical goals of the Society.

9. Each author or set of co-authors will receive one complimentary paper copy of the journal as well as a digital copy.