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Fall 2018


imitation, dissimulation, material, architecture, skeuomorphism, mutation






Imitation plays a fundamental role in cultural development, and it’s an instinct that human-being born with. Because of its fundamentality, forms of imitation are infiltrated in many fields, including the art and design industries. For example, philosophers have used the term, mimesis, to discuss the criticality of imitation in art and literature. Theories of imitation and mimesis have been addressed in an academical manner since ancient Greece, however; imitation is also something we encounter on a daily basis. In the field of user interface design, designers use the term, Skeuomorphism, to represent the type of design methods of making items resemble their real-world counterpart.

Unlike design industries use imitation to provoke the sense of familiarity to get costumers master the function or appreciate the products they produced; With less influence on consumerism, art, such as painting, drama, and literature, use imitation to create counter-world of reality.Imitation sometime carries negative meanings, but according to Ákos Moravánszky discussed in his book “Metamorphism,” art is one of the few areas that are expected imitation in its creation.In modern art, the criticality of artwork sometime can’t be appreciated merely of what is on the “canvas,” since the “true expression” is hidden behind. In this kind of art, the surface is a layer of dissimulation, and dissimulation is a type of expression.

Last but not least, imitation is the premise of a convincing dissimulation. To conceal the truth, one must imitate something else to dissimulate the subject that means to be hidden.

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