Date of Award

December 2014

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Phillip Kornreich


Coated fibers, Fiber Amplifiers, Fiber Laser, Lasers

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A new type of fiber laser is described here. The laser consists of a 25 mm long fiber with an approximately 15 nm thick In2Te3 semiconductor layer at the glass core glass cladding boundary. The laser mirrors consist of a thick vacuum deposited aluminum layer at one end and a thin semitransparent aluminum layer deposited at the other end of the fiber. The laser is pumped from the side with either light from a Halogen Tungsten incandescent lamp or a blue, power LED. Since both, the gain of the In2Te3 semi-conductor and aluminum mirrors have a wide bandwidth the output consists of a pedestal from a wavelength of about 455 nm to about 650 nm with several peaks. There is a main peak at 545 nm. The main peak has an amplitude of 16.5 dB above the noise level of - 73 dB.


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