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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Marty Blake


historical perspective;Japanese war orphans;post-war live;World War II

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Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts


Research on World War II (WWII) history has predominantly focused on the European theater, with limited attention given to the war’s events in Asia. The scarcity of in-depth studies conducted by Asian historians necessitates an investigation into the complex events that unfolded in this region during this significant period in world history. This study aims to shed light on the often-neglected history of Japanese war orphans in China during WWII and their lives in the post-war era. To provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the war’s impact on the lives of ordinary individuals, this study follows the historical timeline and delves into the specific living conditions experienced by war orphans during the war. The research incorporates perspectives from both Chinese and Japanese survivors, offering a broader historical context. It places particular emphasis on exploring the childhoods of war orphans and the hardships they faced in daily life. Furthermore, this study focuses on the practical challenges encountered by war orphans upon their return to Japan in middle age. By examining the firsthand narratives of war orphans, their struggles and hardships in the aftermath of the war are revealed. In addition, this study incorporates a visual thesis featuring conceptual-themed paintings that vividly depict the life story of Japanese war orphans. The intention is to evoke empathy among readers and foster a deeper comprehension of the subsequent challenges and resilience exhibited by these individuals.


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