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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Juan Juarez

Second Advisor

Joanna Spitzner


Cultural Objects;Digital Art;Instagram;Internet Aesthetics;Post-Internet;User Generated Content

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Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts


Experiencing the evolution of the contemporary digital space has led to an inevitable awe and skepticism of technology that penetrates through my bodies of work. Wonderment is usually succeeded shortly after by a contemplation of how this shiny newness will potentially change the way we experience everyday life. This point of view and gravitation towards the digital as an artistic material is specific to being born in the late 1980’s, where there are glimpses of early memories before computers and a corresponding growth of technology with personal cognitive development. It is an active and learned inclination to engage with new technology with excitement and a native understanding of the evolution of Internet culture. Lowbrow Internet aesthetics that reference the early home computer’s visual capabilities have had a nostalgic resurgence in the realm of social media’s meme culture. This trend is indicative of Internet culture, where there is a desire to quickly make altered visual imagery to share. Altered, by means of appropriating found imagery on the Internet and viewing it as an open source platform while drawing cartoonish figures and/or adding text that carries inherent cultural meaning. Lowbrow Internet aesthetics are, above all, accessible to anyone with a smartphone and arguably the most prevalent aesthetic sensibility (whether intentional or not) of the current moment.


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