Re-mend: An accessible modular system for co-creation of customized clothing that caters to a wheelchair user’s personal style and fit.

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Master of Science (MS)




Don Carr Carr


Clothing;co-creation model;Customization;measurements;Wheelchair users


“Clothing is a language we wear on our bodies, telling the world our story, our values and our sense of self” Wheelchair User. 11.1% of the United States population has mobility difficulties and the number is expected to rise in the coming years (CDC) yet they are unable to find clothing that addresses their style and needs. The study's focus is on understanding the clothing needs and preferences of people with seated ability, an important step towards inclusivity in the fashion industry. People with seated ability face challenges in finding clothing that addresses both their functional and personal fashion language, hence highlighting the need for tailored and customizable solutions. The co-creation design approach, coupled with qualitative research methods, user journeys, and sharing pictures of ill-fitting clothing, proved to be a powerful and insightful process for designing a customizable clothing solution for people in wheelchairs. This led to Re-mend, a modular service model system for co-creation of customized clothing by leveraging community skills to make clothing functional, fashionable, and accessible. This approach has the potential to provide a more efficient and personalized service and to improve the quality of life of people in wheelchairs. Keywords : Adaptation, Wheelchair users, Customization, Clothing, measurements, co-creation model, modular system, style, fit, adaptive clothing


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