Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering


Jesse Bond


Acetone Hydrogenation, Catalyst, Kinetics Analysis


Since biomass energy is an important renewable energy source, in recent years, the global biomass energy development and utilization technology has developed rapidly, and the application cost has dropped rapidly. At the same time, one of the most fundamental strategies for converting biomass into petrochemical commodities is the removal of oxygen, which is also abundant in biomass. The nature, structure and source of metal catalysts are very sensitive to the influence of reaction rate and selectivity; after hydrogenation of different carbonyl compounds, the composition and properties of their bulk gas or liquid phases are also different. At the same time, isopropanol (IPA), as an important chemical raw material, has a wide range of applications in daily chemical industry, organic synthesis, medicine, coatings and even the electronics industry. In view of the wide range of sources of acetone, the hydrogenation of acetone to isopropanol is more green, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly than the hydration of propylene and the hydrogenation of isopropyl acetate.Compared with other metals, Pt is generally considered to be the most active metal in gas-phase ketone hydrogenation. However, in recent years, bimetallic catalysts have been widely used in many reactions such as hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, and reforming due to their unique properties that are significantly different from the corresponding monometallic catalysts. So far, we have understood the kinetic performance of Pt/SiO2 in the hydrogenation reaction of acetone. Therefore, the current topic is to add metal Sn on the Pt/SiO2 carrier, conduct a series of characterization and comparative experiments on the bimetallic catalyst, and explore the influence of different Sn content on the hydrogenation reaction activity of the Pt/SiO2 catalyst.


Open Access

Available for download on Friday, June 13, 2025