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Master of Science (MS)




Eckert, Tanya


Cover-Copy-Compare, intervention outcomes, spelling, student adherence

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The Cover-Copy-Compare intervention is a self-management strategy developed to improve students’ academic performance, particularly in the area of spelling. In academic intervention research, it is often assumed that students are completing an intervention as intended, yet this is seldom examined during intervention implementation or subsequent data analysis. The aim of this study was to retrospectively examine students’ Cover-Copy-Compare permanent products to assess their ability to adhere to the intervention and to examine whether intervention adherence influences intervention effectiveness. Data for the present study were selected from two larger randomized control trials that examined the efficacy of the Cover-Copy-Compare intervention on students’ writing productivity in comparison to two alternative writing interventions. For the purposes of this study, only participants who were randomly assigned to intervention conditions containing the Cover-Copy-Compare intervention were utilized, resulting in a total sample size of 86 third-grade participants. Results of the current study suggest that students were likely to adhere to the Cover-Copy-Compare intervention, and students’ pre-intervention spelling performance and adherence emerged as significant predictors of students’ post-intervention spelling performance. Limitations of the study and implications for assessing students’ intervention adherence are discussed.


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