Date of Award

Spring 5-23-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Marriage and Family Therapy


Gangamma, Rashmi


Contextual Therapy, Discrimination, Family Therapy, Minority, Psychological Distress, Relational Injustice

Subject Categories

Clinical Psychology | Gender and Sexuality | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


The current study explored correlations between experiences of relational injustice with psychological distress in people with marginalized sexual orientation and gender identity (MSOGI). Based on the Contextual Therapy theory, it was hypothesized that experiences of relational injustice are associated with psychological distress of people with MSOGI. Also, people with both marginalized identities were assumed to have greater distress than people with only one marginalized identity. Data were collected from clients self-identifying as MSOGI at the Syracuse University Couple and Family Therapy Center. Both self-reported and standardized instruments, including the Everyday Discrimination Scale (EDS) and Brief Symptoms Inventory (BSI-18), were used to gather information. Findings indicated moderate associations between some forms of relational injustice and aspects of psychological distress, as well as interconnections between those forms. There were no statistically significant differences in psychological distress between the groups, even though there were some differences in the forms of relational injustices experienced. Given the results, it is necessary to explore multiple forms of relational injustices in working with people with MSOGI. Further limitations and implications are discussed.


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