Date of Award

Winter 12-22-2021

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Blake, Marty

Second Advisor

Xu, Rebecca Ruige

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Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts


The main purpose of this thesis is to explore the influence of the social unconscious on human beings in a future context. In Fromm's view, the social unconscious refers to Individuals who are afraid of being separated from the society they live in, they often adapt and distort their human needs to meet the requirements of our social system. However, with the strengthening of personality and self-awareness in the present society, how will the relationship between the social subconscious and people's selfawareness change in the future? This is the key issue of this thesis. In the first part, by studying the definition of the social unconscious and related works, this thesis tried to understand the root cause of the influence of the social unconscious and how it affects people's behavior and decision-making. In the second part, this thesis made an in-depth study of Cyberpunk and objective imagery in related works, revealing that Cyberpunk is a projection of the real world, and clues for many problems in the real world can be found in the Cyberpunk world. In the third part, this thesis explored the changes in people's consciousness in the Cyberpunk world. Finally, this thesis concludes people will not rid of the influence of the social unconscious no matter in the real world or the future world. Even as people's selfawareness is constantly enhanced, self-awareness and social unconscious will always exist in contradiction.


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