Date of Award

June 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Elisa M. Dekaney

Second Advisor

Don W. Carr


body language, Generation Z, team collaboration, telecommunication, teleworking, transportation

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


Communication is vital to teams in the workplace, especially for design teams that work remotely. This project aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of remote communication between design team members who work in different locations. The decisions throughout the design process will be guided by the literature, by the information collected in the survey, by the suggestions given by the outside committee member, and by ideas and feedback that emerges during design development testing. The final design of this project includes a large screen named Portal. This design could encourage more communication between team members and provide people a feeling that their team members are working next to them. Moreover, this design also considered humanity by allowing people to display a digital door on the screen to establish a level of privacy.


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