The Role of Concept Art in Science Fiction Films: A Study of the Process and Creation of Environment Concept Art

Date of Award

May 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Robert C. Dacey

Second Advisor

Juan Juarez

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


Successful science fiction films have excellent concept art that integrates all the fantasy elements into a clear visual style, including characters, environments and various props. The aim of this thesis is to discuss concept art in science fiction films.

The first part of the thesis introduces myself at different periods in my creative development and the reason that I’m interested in film and choosing concept art for my professional direction. The primary purpose of this thesis concerns my creative processes and inspirations, in designing and illustrating environments for a science fiction story of my own creation. The thesis also investigates the utilization of environment concept art on Science Fiction films in three aspects: film color keynote, camera angle and visual effects. Through these three aspects the thesis studies three typical science fiction films.

In conclusion, the thesis shows how the background of films, games or animations, a like character’s personalities. The artwork component of this thesis is a series of background concept art, based on the studies of existing science fiction films and concept art. The final point of the thesis is to propose professional opportunities that would allow me to explore the interests outlined here.


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