Date of Award

August 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Juan Juarez


Art, Canvas, Digital, Gauguin

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


In my digital painting, Mount Culling, 2019, a mound of objects sits on a pile of white rocks that protrudes from a watery plane. The surface of the plane stretches back to the horizon. The head of a bull in the center, a broken-down van with its rear end ripped off sits as if crashed on the rocks. A man’s head, eyes closed in restful repose is large and sculpture like, making the other objects seem like toys. The head is an industrial hue of orange-yellow on the edge of the rocks half sunk into a black and oil slick, reflective plane. I respond to generational gaps of material use within our environment and how their material ideologies, based on historical context, globalization and business ethics, reveal a nihilistic response to our current environmental crisis. I gather landscapes from around the world sorted in folders separated by its ground type. Grass fields, dirt roads, forest floors, rocky surfaces, etc. are sorted and collected for use. I choose figures to be used, scanned men and women who serve my purpose, my manipulative needs. I sort through rare artifacts, laser scanned with hi-resolution textures by international museum study interns and uploaded for educational purposes. I find models of broken down cars, cheeseburgers, lamps, bullheads, forks, spoons, etc. The possibilities are endless. My goal is to build 3D asset collages built in an x-y-z grid, scaled, subdivided, extruded and adjusted for visual acuity.


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