Teenager Aphrodite and Her Friends

Date of Award

May 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Robert Dacey

Second Advisor

Christopher Wildrick

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


The aim of this thesis is to explore the two main type of commercial comics, America comics from the west and Japanese comics from the east. Nowadays, Japanese comics(known as manga)dominate Asian comics market while superhero comics became the mainstream in America. The thesis examines how to combine these two styles and create a kind of work that can resonate in both cultures.

This thesis introduces how I evolved into my current style, where my inspiration comes from and my own point of view on commercial comics. Then the thesis will explain my ideas on character creation, worldview and background setting of the project, showing what I did to create a story with two kinds of features. The last part is a summary, indicate my professional goals and what I want to do after graduate.

In this thesis, I will demonstrate my exploration in the commercial comics style and my insights into youth comics, showing that a good story can break the walls between two different cultures.


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