Date of Award

May 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Robert Dacey

Second Advisor

Ginnie Hsu

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


The aim of this thesis is to explain my illustrations of an imaginary world with five different races. It will explain how other artists inspired me in illustration, and how I further developed skills creating these illustrations. This thesis will also introduce my concept on how I made this background world believable to support these illustrations.

In the first part I will explain how I started this project. It will also include artistic inspirations and cultural influences on my personal art style and where my ideas came from.

The second part will describe my painting skills. It will explain how I use light source and forms to make the illustrations more realistic. It will also describe how good visual composition and intricate gestures enhance the storytelling aspect of the illustrations.

The thesis then introduces the concept of my work. It describes the world I created, where technology and magic exist together and merge. There are five different races in this fantasy world, humans, demons, elves, dragons, easterners. Each race has their individual characteristics, relationships, technologies, and societies. The thesis will examine how real-world objects inspired the designs of these characters and their backgrounds, and explains where the above elements exist in the illustrations.

In conclusion, this thesis will introduce the imaginative thinking, style, and technique of my artwork, giving background to my illustrations, to help the viewer to interpret and understand them.


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