Date of Award

May 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Ann Clarke

Second Advisor

Peter Beasecker


3d pen, 3d printing, digital, fabrication, sculpture, still life

Subject Categories

Arts and Humanities


The act of reproduction results in two objects with similar visual qualities, but points to the method of fabrication for both objects: the original and the reproduction. Creating abstract shapes or representations of objects may show a similarity in the ideas of a linear visual record of movement, but reproduction innately pulls the fabrication method of the original into comparison with the fabrication method of the reproduction. To explore the dynamic between object and reproduction, I align my process to the genre of still life painting. Although my objects are three-dimensional, still life painting is my frame of reference for the reproduction of objects. In still life painting, objects are sometimes used symbolically, investing them with meaning, but at other times are used simply as a means to explore technical aspects of the medium. The use of a set of pears in a painting by Cézanne invests nothing in them beyond their shape; he uses them as vehicles to show technical renditions of light and composition. The same pears in a vanitas may point to death, decay, and the fleeting nature of time while simultaneously showing the technical exploration of the painter. My research explores both approaches to the genre of still life, keeping the foundation of each reproduction the timeline made by 3D pen and 3D printer.


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