Date of Award

December 2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Public Relations


Joon Soo Lim


Bolstering, Brand's crisis, Communication, Differentiation, Negative Spillover Effect, RESPONSE STRATEGY

Subject Categories

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Effectively managing a crisis is highly essential to any company to protect or restore its reputation, including consumer faith and loyalty to the brand, after the crisis has occurred, especially to competing brands. It is also essential that the rival brand approaches the situation with the correct response strategy (Veil, Dillingham, & Sloan, 2016). Extending Rohem and Tybout's (2016) research about the Negative Spillover Effect (NSE), this study’s purpose is to examine the effective communication strategy a rival brand can employ to lessen and or prevent negative spillover from competing brand scandal and or crisis. Furthermore, exploring differentiation and bolstering strategy, by using controlled and uncontrolled group via online experiment to determine the most effective response strategy in crisis messaging framing. This paper will contribute to crisis response research, and it is hoped that it provides a useful and an insightful look into effective crisis response for rival brands in shared industries such as airlines. Implementing descriptive online experiment method to assess consumer's responses to competitive brand response strategy using two research questions, crisis messaging evaluations (PART), brand attitude, and purchase intent. Stimuli will be developed based on a real-life case of a brand crisis that warns of negative spillover to the competing brands.


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