Date of Award

August 2019

Degree Type





Ann C. Clarke


Beetle, Contemporary, Family, Fine Arts, Fleece, Sculpture


The purpose of this thesis paper is to reveal the importance of the process Rene Gortat’s artwork. Gortat sees quality, craftsmanship, effort, time spent, and attention to design and esthetics in the work as a form of care, which he wishes to share with the viewers of his work. His obsessive approach to making shows an inherent need to create objects. This paper will also show the artist’s decision-making process by following his journey through the Beetle project. It includes relevant tangents that inform the work and show how Gortat’s mind wanders as he creates the work. The research was conducted in and outside of the studio, through careful and mindful study of materials and mining through personal and family history to help explain the creation of the artwork. In conclusion, Rene Gortat’s work is a revelation of his personal struggle and dedication to the process. The Beetle project was chosen for this thesis as it is a great example of Gortat’s process, planning, idea development, and execution.


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