Date of Award

August 2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering


Zhen Ma

Second Advisor

Teng Zhang


3D tissue constructs, Cardiomyocyte, MSC, Serum-free, Stem cell

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3D tissue constructs offer a simplified model that mimics the in vivo tissues. Standing post platform has been established in this study to fabricate 3D tissues with a variety of shapes. Non-fouling PDMS molds cast from ABS templates were seeded by cell-laden collagen type I scaffolds. The scaffolds were aggregated to form the tissues within 24 hours. Human fibroblast, hiPSC-CM, and hiPSC-MSC tissue rings were successfully fabricated with this standing post platform. Ring contracture of fibroblasts and hiPSC-MSCs was observed and compared with different collagen density, different cell seeding density, and different cell culture concentration. In addition, the tissue constructs could also be cultured with serum-free media. By increasing the number of the standing posts, oval and triangle-shaped hiPSC-MSC tissue constructs have been also created. Macroscopically morphological changes were recorded and compared. With these results, the standing post platform was proven its consistency to fabricate tissue constructs, and ready to be used across different cell types suitable for quantitative analysis.


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Engineering Commons



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