Date of Award

August 2018

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Stephanie James


My work is motivated by my struggles to cope with the absurdity of my own existence. I am investigating the essential property of our personal identity through ephemerality, memories, and the similarities between man and machine. Using the body as object and context, I use humor and absurdity to ease the burden of my haunting realizations, and allow my creations to be enjoyed simply through comedy or visual allure. I offer these social disturbances as mementos of the idea that it is impossible for the evidence-based understanding of ourselves to ever merge into the realm of the ethereal, but as it chips away at what we are not, a more thoughtful image of what kind of thing we are might start to emerge. I suggest we give our ethereal selves too much credit, and that even the ever-shrinking magic of who, or what we are is still enough to intoxicate us.


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