Date of Award

August 2018

Degree Type





James Ransome

Second Advisor

Robert Dacey


illustration, Stray Birds


My final thesis, named Stray Birds, is themed as the poetry collection Stray Birds of the Indian poet Tagore. I have finished 12 illustrations in my final portfolio, each of which is accompanied by a special short verse. I have always been planning to paint a picture book about a poetry anthology. And I have been crazy about Stray Birds, a masterpiece of the well-known Indian poet Tagore.Tagore gives much importance to descriptions about nature in Stray Birds. A bird, a flower, a star or a raindrop can all be endowed with humanity and vitality.

And that is exactly what I am good at. I am trying to turn abstract poems into specific pictures based on my own understanding without losing the color of imagination.


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