Date of Award

August 2018

Degree Type


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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Laura Condon


Baseflow, model, ParFlow, Recession

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Hydrologists have long studied the rate of streamflow recession as a means of understanding watershed properties. Historically, recession events were lumped together for analysis. However, more recent work has shown that individual recession events behave differently, and additional insights can be gained by evaluating events individually. The analysis of individual recession events has been shown to be a valuable tool for examining hydrologic processes in large watersheds, however its connection to hydrologic models has not been thoroughly explored. We used the integrated hydrologic model ParFlow to systematically explore the drivers of baseflow recession curves. Using ParFlow we demonstrated that the integrated model can generate shifting between recession events consistent with observational tudies. Furthermore, we found that storage has a major impact on recession curves, causing curves to shift to the right when storage is high. Subsurface configuration was also seen to have a large effect, with hydraulic conductivity influencing recession curves regardless of storage levels.


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Engineering Commons



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