Date of Award


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Master of Arts (MA)


Media Studies


Pamela J. Shoemaker


drama, Facebook, Goffman, reality television, social media, Twitter

Subject Categories

Mass Communication


This study presents an in-depth, qualitative examination of dramaturgy in young adult interactions on the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. The dramaturgical perspective introduced by Erving Goffman in the study of sociology and symbolic interactionism is applied to a new media setting, wherein the interpersonal interactions of users are influenced by a mass media context. The author ventures into the field of dramaturgy as part of a broader sphere of hyperdramatic acculturation that millennials are growing up in, with constant access to one another through social media and the prevalence of dramatic and attention-seeking behaviors in entertainment media. A grounded theory approach is used to discover the various levels of performance on the two most popular social networking sites in the world today.


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